Blood Angels Bladeguard Veteran Action Figure

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The Blood Angels Bladeguard Veteran from JOYTOY is now available! Posing possibilities are enhanced by the articulated joints of this 12.3 centimeter figure. Come fight alongside the brave and passionate Blood Angels to protect the Imperium! Throughout the sagas and tales of the Imperium, their valiant actions have inspired both dread and wonder in combat.
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Meet JOYTOY’s Blood Angels Bladeguard Veteran! Standing at 12.3 cm, this figure features articulated joints for versatile posing.

Unleash your warrior’s passion and defend the Imperium alongside the noble Blood Angels!

Blood Angels Bladeguard Veteran Action Figure

Blood Angels Bladeguard Veteran in Warhammer 40K

Whether fighting in the brutal close-quarters combat of urban warfare or leading daring assaults against enemy fortifications, the Primaris Bladeguard Veterans are a symbol of courage and determination on the battlefield.

Their presence inspires awe and fear in equal measure among both allies and enemies, and their deeds are celebrated in sagas and legends throughout the Imperium.

What’s in JOYTOY’s Blood Angels Bladeguard Veteran Action Figure Box?

  • 1 x Blood Angels Bladeguard Veteran Action Figure
  • 2 x Alternate pair of hands
  • 1 x Shield 
  • 1 x Jetpack
  • 1 x Sword
  • 1 x Base

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