Warhammer 40,000 10th Edition Complete Guide

Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled journey into the expansive universe of Warhammer 40k! The highly anticipated 10th Edition has arrived, boasting a thrilling revamp of Games Workshop’s beloved sci-fi tabletop war game.
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Unveiled in all its glory at Adepticon on March 23, 2023, this brand new version promises an immersive experience like never before.

With its core rules undergoing a dramatic overhaul, the 10th Edition is on a mission to make your gaming sessions simpler, faster, and more exhilarating than ever.

No more fumbling through stacks of rule books – they’ve been condensed to give you instant access to the heart-pounding action!

Here’s everything you need to know to conquer the 10th Edition and dominate the battlefield!

Development of the 10th edition – 18 big changes!

Despite initial uneasiness from fans, there are exciting improvements in store for Warhammer 40K that will revitalize the game.

Leviathan Box Overview
  1. New Leviathan Starter Set: The upcoming 10th Edition of Warhammer 40k will introduce a fresh starter set called Leviathan, featuring a campaign narrative and armies of Space Marines and Tyranids.
  1. Overhaul of Codex Books: The Codex books, which provide rules and lore for specific armies and campaigns, will receive a massive overhaul in the 10th Edition, including new books and updated narrative information from old books.
  1. Model Releases: The 10th Edition will bring new models to Warhammer 40k, with updated looks for existing armies such as the Tyranids and Space Marines, as well as plans for more miniatures in the future.
  1. Day One Rule Downloads: On the day of the 10th Edition’s launch, Games Workshop will make the core rules and army rules available for free download, allowing players to get a sense of the game’s overall direction.
  1. Weapon Abilities: The weapon system in Warhammer 40k will undergo changes, replacing the previous strict structure with Weapon Abilities assigned to armies and characters, offering more flexibility in weapon usage.
  1. Objective Control: Objective Control, a new concept, will impact gameplay, allowing players to determine who has overall control of a territory based on objective control stats, influencing tactical decisions.
  1. Layout Changes: The layout of Stat or Data Cards will be revised in the 10th Edition, making them easier to use and less daunting for new players, with changes in stats placement and the use of dice rolls for leadership.
  1. Combat Patrol: Combat Patrol is a new gameplay style introduced in the 10th Edition, designed as a simple skirmish with models and streamlined narratives, aimed at attracting new players.
  1. Streamlined Terrain Rules: The Terrain rules in Warhammer 40k will be streamlined, simplifying their role in battles while still providing cover for armies based on the Benefit of Cover.
  1. No More Psychic Phase: The Psychic Phase, a mainstay in the 9th Edition, has been abandoned in the 10th Edition. Psychic abilities will be integrated into relevant phases, such as movement or shooting, based on their nature and effects.
  2. Changes to Unit Stats: Unit stats will be displayed differently, with the addition of objective control points to determine a unit’s ability to control objectives. This clarifies each unit’s role and introduces a tactical element.
  1. Weapon Profiles: Attacks, weapon skill, and ballistic skill will now be displayed on weapon profiles, allowing for specific weapons to be tied to their users and enhancing clarity of unit functions.
  1. Leadership Changes: Leadership tests now require rolling two dice and scoring higher than the leadership value. Failing a leadership check affects actions like falling back or controlling objectives, adding tactical considerations.
  1. Army List Changes: Battle sizes refer to the points used in a game, with Incursion, Strike Force, and Onslaught using 1,000, 2,000, and 3,000 points respectively. Power levels are replaced by points-based values. Detachments have different rules and stratagems tied to them, and factions can be combined in casual games.
  1. Model Selection: There are restrictions on the number of characters, epic heroes, and units that can be included in an army. Characters can have one enhancement, limited to a total of three across the army.
  1. Promote Your Warlord: Similar to previous editions, players choose a character to be their warlord, gaining the WARLORD keyword and accessing associated traits. These traits and detachment rules will be condensed to a couple of pages.
  1. Universal Rules: Rules such as deep strike will now be universal across all armies to avoid confusion caused by different names for the same rule.
  1. Vehicle and Monster Profiles: Vehicle and monster profiles will be consolidated into a single profile, with rules explaining negative effects when wound thresholds are reached, similar to Age of Sigmar.

The design philosophy behind the 10th edition: “Simplified, not Simple”

Changes to Army Builder in the New W40K

In an interview with the Warhammer Community, Stu from the Warhammer Design Studio addressed the upcoming changes in the revolutionary new edition of Warhammer 40,000. 

Recognizing that the current game has become overly complex for many players, the Studio aims to simplify the rules without diluting their essence. 

The goal is to create an edition that is akin to a brain-boosting smoothie, retaining the beloved rules while making them more accessible and streamlined for an enjoyable gameplay experience.

Players will be able to download updated datasheets for every unit in the game for free at launch, and streamlined Stratagems will be included in each army’s double-page spread. Boarding Actions will continue to be supported and remain compatible with the new edition.

Changes to Gameplay Mechanics in the 10th Edition

Games Workshop aims to streamline the rules in the transition from 9th edition to 10th edition, removing unnecessary complexity and mechanics while maintaining the same outcomes. Here’s a short overview of the major changes:

  1. Command Phase: The command phase is split into two parts, with the first part involving gaining command points and using abilities and stratagems. The second part introduces the battleshock mechanic, which replaces morale and affects units below 50% of their starting strength.
  1. Movement Phase: The movement phase remains similar to the previous edition, with units having various movement options. Fall back moves allow units to move through enemies, but models taking desperate escape tests may die. Reinforcements can be brought in at the end of the movement phase.
  1. Shooting Phase: The shooting phase retains its core mechanics, with units unable to shoot if they advanced or fell back, or if they are within engagement range. New rules include Lone Operative and Stealth, while Big Guns Never Tire introduces penalties for shooting vehicles or monsters within engagement range.
  1. Charge Phase: Units can charge into combat if they are within 12″ of an enemy unit. Successful charges require ending within engagement range and maintaining unit coherency.
  1. Fight Phase: Units that charged have the fights first ability. Pile-in moves allow models to engage enemies, and units can select melee weapons to make attacks. Consolidation moves follow the fight and allow units to move towards objectives.
  1. Deployment Abilities: Abilities like Deep Strike, Scouts, Infiltrators, and Leader provide different deployment options for units.
  1. Stratagems: Stratagems have been reduced in number and are color-coded based on when they can be used. They require command points and offer various tactical advantages.
  1. Strategic Reserves: Strategic reserves allow units to be placed off the board and brought in later rounds. Restrictions apply to the number of units that can be put into reserves.
  1. Terrain Features: Terrain rules have been streamlined, with different categories providing benefits and restrictions. Units can benefit from cover, and certain terrain types offer specific advantages.
  1. Army Construction: Army construction has become simpler, allowing players to choose heroes, non-battleline units, and battleline units within specific limits. Multiple epic heroes can be included, promoting more diverse army compositions.

Changes to the major W40K factions in the new edition

Here’s a summary of the most important rules, changes and updates affecting the major Warhammer 40K faction in the new edition! 

Space Marines 

In the 10th Edition, the Space Marines have unveiled the Oath of Moment. This powerful ability allows them to select a specific unit from the enemy’s army during the Command phase. 

Until the next Command phase, any attacks made by models with this ability against the chosen enemy unit benefit from improved Hit and Wound rolls, thanks to the option to re-roll.

Drawing from the revered Codex Astartes, Space Marines employ an adaptable set of combat doctrines that showcase their tactical superiority. At the start of each Command phase, they can select one of the Combat Doctrines to activate until the next Command phase, benefiting all Adeptus Astartes units with this ability. These Combat Doctrines include:

  • Devastator Doctrine: Empowering units to advance and shoot simultaneously, maximizing firepower and eliminating threats strategically.
  • Tactical Doctrine: Allowing units to shoot and declare a charge even after falling back, seizing the initiative and combining versatility with overwhelming firepower.
  • Assault Doctrine: Emphasizing the importance of close-quarters combat, units gain the ability to declare a charge even after advancing, ensuring decisive strikes and victory in engagements.

Space Marines 10th Edition Additional Resources:

Dark Angels

In the face of any adversary or unfavorable odds, the proud fighters of the Dark Angels continue to resist and refuse to accept defeat.

With unwavering determination, they stand as some of the most relentless warriors within the Adeptus Astartes. Their renowned specialized companies, the Deathwing and Ravenwing, inspire awe among allies and enemies alike.

The Dark Angels are celebrated for their indomitable resolve, enduring resilience, and unwavering discipline on the battlefield. They possess tactical acumen and adaptability, capable of waging war on any front. 

When a Battle-shocked Adeptus Astartes unit from your army is affected, the models’ Objective Control characteristic is modified to 1, displaying their unwavering focus on achieving their mission regardless of the challenges they face.

Additionally, Lion El’Jonson, a legendary figure, has joined the Dark Angels and will be released as a standalone miniature.


Dark Angels 10th Edition Additional Resources:

Space Wolves

Furthermore, the Space Wolves are renowned for their awe-inspiring deeds worthy of saga. At the end of each battle round, players can select one of the following sagas:

In the 10th Edition of W40K, the Adeptus Astartes have unlocked the power of ancient Sagas, granting them unique benefits in the midst of combat. At the end of each battle round, the Adeptus Astartes forces can select one of the following Sagas:

  • Saga of the Warrior Born: This Saga is accomplished when Adeptus Astartes Character models from their army vanquish enemy Character models in the same round. As a reward, melee weapons used by Adeptus Astartes models gain the [SUSTAINED HITS 1] ability, enabling more devastating attacks.
  • Saga of Majesty: To complete this Saga, the Adeptus Astartes must control one or more objective markers within the opponent’s deployment zone while having their Character models nearby at the end of a turn. Once accomplished, their Objective Control characteristic is improved by 1, making them more adept at seizing and holding vital points on the battlefield.
  • Saga of the Bear: The Saga is fulfilled when Adeptus Astartes Character models suffer significant wounds, falling below half of their initial strength, but miraculously survive the battle round. As a reward, Adeptus Astartes models gain the Feel No Pain 6+ ability, granting them increased resilience against damage.
  • Saga of the Beastslayer: To accomplish this Saga, the Adeptus Astartes must have their Character models successfully destroy enemy Monster or Vehicle models during the battle round. In return, melee weapons equipped by Adeptus Astartes models gain the [LETHAL HITS] ability, enabling them to deal more devastating blows to these formidable foes.

These benefits range from enhanced melee weapon capabilities to improved objective control and increased resilience.

Space Wolves 10th Edition Additional Resources:

Blood Angels 

Blood Angels, the noble descendants of the angelic Primarch Sanguinius, have taken to the skies with fiery wings to defend the Emperor’s loyal servants against the forces of heresy and alien invaders.

Renowned for their mastery of swift assaults, mechanized offensives, and airborne strikes, the Blood Angels have built a legacy of triumphs that spans generations.

Furthermore, the Blood Angels’ unique attribute, known as “The Red Thirst,” unveils their untamed ferocity that lies beneath their disciplined facade. During battle, this inner rage propels them towards the enemy, augmenting their strength and attack prowess. 

When an Adeptus Astartes unit that has made a Charge move is chosen to engage in combat, the Strength and Attacks characteristics of the unit’s melee weapons are increased by 1 until the end of the phase.

Blood Angels 10th Edition Additional Resources:

Black Templars 

The latest edition reveals that armies aligned with the Adeptus Astartes faction can now utilize the special Righteous Crusaders Detachment rule offered by the Black Templars. 

However, there are specific restrictions in place, prohibiting the inclusion of Adeptus Astartes Psyker models and certain non-Black Templars models.

The Black Templars’ warriors, prior to battle, come together under the guidance of their Chaplains for prayer and contemplation. During this sacred ritual, they make formidable Templar Vows that shape their conduct on the battlefield.

These Vows, active from the start of the first battle round until the battle’s end, grant powerful abilities to Adeptus Astartes units from the Black Templars army. 

Options include enhancing melee weapons with lethal hits, bestowing models with increased resilience and a stronger leadership characteristic, providing protection against psychic attacks, and empowering melee weapons with sustained hits.


Black Templars 10th Edition Additional Resources:

The Deathwatch 

In their relentless mission to eradicate alien forces across the galaxy, the Deathwatch deploys highly skilled operatives from their covert watch fortresses.

Forming efficient Kill Teams tailored to diverse missions and enemies, the Deathwatch combines different armor and equipment seamlessly. Attacks against a Kill Team unit are assessed based on the majority Toughness characteristic of its models, ensuring efficient wound rolls.

The Deathwatch employs strategic Mission Tactics honed over millennia of combat experience. At the start of the Command phase, commanders can select a Mission Tactic, providing battlefield advantages for all units with this ability. Each Mission Tactic can only be chosen once per battle.

Furor Tactics unleash devastating destruction over a wide area, granting Adeptus Astartes units the [SUSTAINED HITS 1] ability. Malleus Tactics exploit weak points in formidable adversaries, empowering Adeptus Astartes weapons with the [LETHAL HITS] ability. Purgatus Tactics target enemy commanders with precision, enabling Adeptus Astartes attacks to possess the [PRECISION] ability upon scoring a Critical Hit.


Deathwatch 10th Edition Additional Resources:

Agents of the Imperium

In a significant development, 10th Edition armies consisting entirely of models with the Imperium keyword now have the flexibility to include Agents of the Imperium units, even if they do not share the same Faction keyword initially selected. 

The number of Agents that can be included in an army depends on the battle size, allowing for enhanced strategic options. However, it should be noted that renowned assassins such as the Vindicare, Culexus, Eversor, and Callidus cannot be chosen as the Warlord leading the forces.

This expansion of Imperial forces signals a shift towards greater versatility and the utilization of specialized operatives to achieve victory on the war-torn battlefields of the Imperium.


Agents of the Imperium additional resources:

Adeptus Mechanicus

The Adeptus Mechanicus, a formidable army known for their blend of man and machine, benefits in the 10th edition from a set of Doctrina Imperatives to bolster their soldiers’ capabilities in battle. Led by devoted Tech-Priests, the army comprises Skitarii soldiery and Servitor creations, all united in worship of the Machine God.

The Doctrina Imperatives, activated at the beginning of each battle round, provide unique advantages to the army. The “Protector Imperative” grants ranged weapons equipped by models in the unit the [HEAVY] ability. Additionally, if this unit is within their deployment zone, any ranged attacks targeting them suffer a worsened Armor Penetration characteristic by 1.


On the other hand, the “Conqueror Imperative” empowers models with ranged weapons to possess the [ASSAULT] ability. When these models make ranged attacks against targets within the opponent’s deployment zone, the Armor Penetration characteristic of the attack improves by 1.

Furthermore, Adeptus Mechanicus armies can now utilize the Rad-Cohort Detachment rule. By employing the RAD-BOMBARDMENT strategy, the Tech-Priests can utilize irradiated bombardments to cripple their foes before launching an assault.

During the first battle round, enemy units within the opponent’s deployment zone must choose between taking cover and facing the deadly fallout. Units that take cover become Battle-shocked, while those that stand firm face the risk of suffering D3 mortal wounds on a roll of 3 or higher on a D6.

In subsequent battle rounds, at the beginning of the second, third, fourth, and fifth rounds, enemy units within the opponent’s deployment zone may suffer 1 mortal wound on a roll of 3 or higher on a D6.

These new Doctrina Imperatives and strategic tactics enhance the already fearsome reputation of the Adeptus Mechanicus on the battlefield. As they continue to march to war, their adversaries can expect both terrifying and glorious encounters with these holy warriors fused with machine power.


Adeptus Mechanicus 10th Edition Additional Resources:

Grey Knights 

The indomitable Grey Knights, renowned for their unyielding purity and psychic prowess, stand as the stalwart defenders against daemonic forces in the Imperium. 

Clad in silvered armor adorned with protective sigils, these psychic warriors are in constant communion with their battle-brothers, wielding blades imbued with sanctified power.

In the 10th Edition The Grey Knights have unveiled their fearsome Teleport Assault ability. This allows them to strategically deploy selected units at the end of their opponent’s turn, disappearing from the battlefield only to reappear in the Reinforcements step of the following Movement phase. 

This ability grants them unparalleled tactical flexibility, enabling them to strike precisely where their devastating power is most needed.

In addition, the “Teleport Strike Force Detachment” rule empowers the Grey Knights to wield their “Teleport Shunt” ability, which grants them rapid and repeated teleportations within short ranges. These agile movements enable them to outmaneuver even the most otherworldly adversaries, demonstrating their unwavering resilience against the corrupting forces of Chaos.

Grey Knights players will now be able to adapt their strategy with ease, ensuring that the soul of their Chapter remains sacrosanct, and their duty as the Imperium’s foremost defenders against the daemonic is executed with unyielding precision.


Grey Knights 10th Edition Additional Resources:

Adepta Sororitas

The Sisters of Battle of the Adepta Sororitas, armed with sacred weaponry imbued with the Emperor’s power, display their fervor by unleashing lethal volleys from bolters, flamers, and melta weapons. 

The new edition of W40K introduces the “Acts of Faith” ability for the Adepta Sororitas faction, allowing every unit in their army the capacity to execute one Act of Faith per phase, utilizing Miracle dice. 

These special dice are earned at the start of each turn and each time an Adepta Sororitas unit is destroyed, their value remains fixed unless otherwise specified.

When rolling dice for a model or unit with the Acts of Faith ability, players can use Miracle dice from their pool to substitute and determine specific dice rolls, such as Advance rolls, Charge rolls, Hit rolls, and more. After substitution, the chosen Miracle dice is removed from the pool, while the remaining dice are rolled as usual.

In the Hallowed Martyrs Detachment rule, the Adepta Sororitas gain strength from the sacrifice of fallen Sisters. When a unit is below its starting strength, every attack made by a model in that unit receives a +1 bonus to both Hit and Wound rolls, boosting their effectiveness in the face of adversity.


Adepta Sororitas Additional Resources:

The Imperial Knights 

Imperial Knights, the renowned frontline fighters known for their strict codes of honor, have unveiled new Oaths and Abilities that enhance their prowess on the battlefield. 

With the introduction of the new edition and its “CODE CHIVALRIC” Imperial Knights can select one of the Oaths to activate for their army, granting associated abilities and Deeds. Successfully completing the selected Oath’s Deed in the Command phase bestows an Honored status and grants 3CP once per battle.

Two of the prominent Oaths include “LAY LOW THE TYRANT which grants re-rolls for Hit and Wound rolls against enemy Warlords, and “RECLAIM THE REALM” offering improved movement and rolls for controlling objective markers in the opponent’s deployment zone.


Moreover, the introduction of Bondsman Abilities allows for strategic interactions between specific models, providing tactical advantages during the Command phase.

Additionally, the Freeblades, heroic wanderers assisting the Imperium, can now join Imperial Knight armies, including one Titanic Imperial Knight model or up to three Armiger models. Though they cannot be Warlords and receive Enhancements, their inclusion adds versatility to the forces.

The Imperial Knights – Noble Lance Detachment Rule also bolsters their resilience and determination in battle. Granting the Feel No Pain ability and providing enhancements like the REVERED KNIGHT (AURA) with increased Leadership range or the MYSTERIOUS GUARDIAN allowing deep strikes and tactical repositioning.

Finally, renowned figures like the “MYTHIC HERO” and iconic banners like the “BANNER OF MACHARIUS TRIUMPHANT” embody the legendary tales and strategic significance within the ranks of Imperial Knights. These enhancements and abilities elevate the already formidable warriors to new heights on the battlefield.


Imperial Knights Additional Resources:

Adeptus Custodes 

The Adeptus Custodes, known as the Ten Thousand, are the Emperor’s personal bodyguards, created through mysterious and esoteric genealchemies. 

These elite warriors are equipped with powerful armor and weaponry, making them the most formidable fighters in the entire Imperium. They deploy highly versatile forces, ranging from swift jetbikes to unyielding combat walkers and devastating battle tanks. 

Their expertise lies in close combat, where they utilize nuanced fighting stances to dominate their enemies. Here’s some of the Rules they’ll benefit from in the 10th edition of W40K. 

Martial Ka’tah: During the Fight phase, the Adeptus Custodes can activate one Ka’tah Stance, offering various abilities to their units. The Kaptaris Stance enables them to trap enemy units in close combat, reducing the Hit rolls against them.

The Dacatarai Stance empowers Custodes to handle hordes of foes with the SUSTAINED HITS 1 ability, while the Rendax Stance turns them into expert monster and warmachine hunters with the LETHAL HITS ability.

Aegis of the Emperor: The cellular alchemy that shapes the Adeptus Custodes bestows them with a spark of the Emperor’s greatness, granting them an almost supernatural warding. Adeptus Custodes models in your army gain the Feel No Pain 4+ ability against mortal wounds.


Adeptus Custodes additional resources:

Chaos Space Marines

Champions of the Heretic Astartes have been invoking the Chaos Gods fervently, seeking diabolic boons in exchange for vile offerings to bolster their power. With the latest update, these profane warriors gain new abilities during shooting or combat phases through Dark Pacts.

Each time a Heretic Astartes unit is selected to shoot or fight, it can enter into a Dark Pact, granting it one of the following abilities for its weapons until the end of the phase:

  • Lethal Hits: Increasing the chances of scoring critical wounds in the attack.
  • Sustained Hits 1: Improving the attack’s potency for critical hits.

However, such unholy pacts come at a price. After resolving their attacks, units making a Dark Pact must undergo a Leadership test. Failure results in the unit suffering D3 mortal wounds.


Additionally, some traitors have fully embraced the Dark Gods’ service, losing their former identities as they succumb to damnation. As a result, Khorne Berzerkers, Rubric Marines, and Plague Marines can now be included in Heretic Astartes armies, adopting the faction’s keywords.

Furthermore, the Chaos Space Marines in the Heretic Astartes faction can now utilize Slaves to Darkness Detachment rule, enhancing their versatility in the battlefield.

With new Marks of Chaos, Heretic Astartes units can gain specific abilities, such as Khorne Blood Fury, Tzeentch Warpfire, Nurgle Spreading Sickness, and Slaanesh Excessive Cruelty, based on the chosen keywords and Dark Pacts.

However, there are restrictions in place, including limitations on Psyker units and the pairing of Character units with the Leader ability with Bodyguard units sharing the same keywords.


Chaos Space Marines additional resources: 

Chaos Daemons

In a stunning revelation, the Daemons of Chaos have emerged in the 10th edition with a powerful set of abilities known as the Legiones Daemonica. These malevolent entities now cast their ominous Shadow of Chaos over the battlefield, granting them a strategic advantage.

The Shadow of Chaos encompasses specific areas of the battlefield, granting unique benefits to those aligned with the Legiones Daemonica. For armies in the Legiones Daemonica faction, their deployment zone is permanently within their Shadow of Chaos.

Moreover, controlling at least half of the objective markers within No Man’s Land or their opponent’s deployment zone grants temporary access to the Shadow of Chaos during specific phases, enhancing their capabilities.

Changes to Chaos Daemons in the 10th Edition - Army Rule Daemonic Pact

The Daemonic Manifestation ability empowers Legiones Daemonica units present within the Shadow of Chaos. When such units undergo a Battle-shock test, they gain a +1 bonus to the test result. Additionally, if the test is passed, one model in the unit regains up to D3 lost wounds or, in the case of Battleline units, up to D3 destroyed models can return to the unit.

On the opposing side, the Daemonic Terror ability strikes fear into enemy units lingering within the Shadow of Chaos. Enemy units undergoing a Battle-shock test within the ominous realm suffer a -1 penalty to the test. Moreover, a failed test inflicts D3 mortal wounds upon the affected enemy unit.

The chilling power of the Daemonic Pact also grants armies the option to include Legiones Daemonica units, even if they lack the Faction keyword. However, certain restrictions apply based on the selected Army Faction and battle size.

For instance, World Eaters can only include Khorne Legiones Daemonica units, while Thousand Sons can include Tzeentch Legiones Daemonica units. Additionally, these units cannot be Warlords and are ineligible for Enhancements.

In conjunction with the Legiones Daemonica, the Daemonic Incursion Detachment rules further amplify their presence. Warp Rifts become their gateway, allowing the Daemonic legions to appear on the battlefield using the Deep Strike ability.

Within the Shadow of Chaos, these daemonic entities can be set up anywhere more than 6″ away from enemy models, granting them strategic mobility and an advantage in combat.

Changes to Chaos Daemons in the 10th Edition - Demonic Incursion Detachment Rule

Chaos Daemons 10th Edition Additional Resources:

Death Guard

The notorious Death Guard faction has unleashed a terrifying new strategy in the 10th edition of W40K, spreading Nurgle’s vile gifts with ruthless efficiency. These carriers of countless infections and contagions are each bestowed by Nurgle, the Chaos god of plagues and decay.

When the Death Guard marches to war, they contaminate everything around them, overpowering their enemies’ immune systems and causing even armored vehicles to become vulnerable. This devastating tactic has become known as “Nurgle’s Gift.”


In the midst of battle, Death Guard units emit a contagious aura known as “Contagion Range.” While enemy units are within this range, their Toughness characteristic is reduced by 1, making them more susceptible to the Death Guard’s vile onslaught. The Contagion Range expands over the course of the battle, affecting foes at various distances depending on the battle round.

The Death Guard also follows a Plague Company Detachment rule called “Spread the Sickness.” They not only target enemy beings but also seek to corrupt the very landscapes they tread upon, cultivating Nurgle’s garden far and wide.

 By controlling an objective marker at the end of their Command phase and having a Death Guard unit nearby, they can infect the marker, allowing it to remain under their control even if no models are nearby. This strategic control grants the objective marker the Nurgle’s Gift ability, impacting enemy units within its Contagion Range.


Death Guard 10th Edition Additional Resources:

Thousands Sons 

The 10th Warhammer 40,000 edition sees the introduction of the Cabal of Sorcerers Army Rule! If your Army Faction is Thousand Sons, each model with the Cabal of Sorcerers ability generates Cabal points at the end of your Command phase.

 These points form your Cabal points pool, which you can utilize during the battle round to perform potent Rituals. Each Ritual has a specific Cabal points cost, and you can only use each Ritual once per phase. Remember, your Cabal points pool resets to zero at the start of your next Command phase.


The available Rituals and their respective Cabal points costs are as follows:

  • Weaver of Fates (Psychic) – 2 Cabal Points: Reroll a saving throw for a friendly Thousand Sons model within 18″ of the Psyker.
  • Temporal Surge (Psychic) – 5 Cabal Points: Allow a friendly Thousand Sons unit within 18″ of the Psyker to make a Normal move during the Shooting phase if not within Engagement Range of enemies. However, that unit cannot declare a charge in the same turn.
  • Echoes from the Warp (Psychic) – 6 Cabal Points: Once per phase, use this Ritual to select this Psyker’s unit as the target of a Stratagem for 0 Command Points, even if that Stratagem was previously used in the same phase.
  • Doombolt (Psychic) – 7 Cabal Points: At the start of your Shooting phase, target an enemy unit within 18″ and visible to this Psyker. Roll a D6 to determine the number of mortal wounds inflicted: 1 – D3 mortal wounds, 2-5 – D3+3 mortal wounds, 6 – D3+6 mortal wounds.
  • Twist of Fate (Psychic) – 9 Cabal Points: Use this Ritual at the beginning of any phase to deprive an enemy unit within 18″ and visible to this Psyker of making armor saving throws for the duration of the phase.

Furthermore, the Thousand Sons’ Cult of Magic Detachment rule, Kindred Sorcery, allows for the activation of unique abilities during the Command phase, effective until the start of the next Command phase:

  • Malevolent Charge: Psychic weapons equipped by Thousand Sons models gain the [LETHAL HITS] ability.
  • Psychic Maelstrom: Psychic weapons equipped by Thousand Sons models gain the [SUSTAINED HITS 1] ability.
  • Wrath of the Immaterium: Psychic weapons equipped by Thousand Sons models gain the [DEVASTATING WOUNDS] ability.

Thousands Sons 10th Edition Additional Resources:

World Eaters

The World Eaters faction in the 10th Edition receives potent blessings from Khorne, the Blood God

Players can roll eight D6 dice to activate up to two blessings from the Blessings of Khorne list. Each blessing requires specific dice results, and they can only be activated once per battle round. The activated blessings apply to all units with this ability in the army until the end of the round.

For example, if a player rolls 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 6. They use the two 6s to activate “Warp Blades,” granting melee weapons lethal hit abilities. 

The remaining dice are 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, and 4. Then, the player can use the two 2s to activate “Wrathful Devotion,” granting Feel No Pain 6+ abilities to models in the unit. 

However, only two blessings can be activated per round, so the remaining dice are discarded.

Additionally, World Eaters benefit from the Relentless Rage Detachment rule, which fuels their perpetual fury. When a World Eaters unit charges and is selected to fight, melee weapons equipped by models in that unit gain +1 Strength and Attacks characteristics for the phase.


World Eaters 10th Edition Additional Resources:

Chaos Knights

Chaos Knights, the formidable warriors of chaos, gain new powerful bonuses in the 10th Edition thanks to their Dread abilities. 

Depending on the active Dread ability, each model in the Chaos Knights army receives different enhancements. The Despair ability, active from the first battle round, makes enemy units within 12″ of the Chaos Knight model subtract 1 from Battle-shock or Leadership tests.

As the battle progresses to the third round, the Doom and Darkness ability takes effect, empowering attacks against Battle-shocked targets by adding 1 to the Wound roll and reducing Hit rolls of attacking models by 1.


Super-Heavy Walker Dominance:

Chaos Knights, as Super-Heavy Walkers, exhibit unparalleled maneuverability. They can effortlessly move over models (excluding Titanic models) and terrain features of up to 4″ in height during Normal, Advance, or Fall Back moves, as if they weren’t there.

Summon Dreadblades to Spew Chaos:

Dreadblades, wandering the galaxy in search of destruction, can now be included in your Chaos Knights army if every model bears the Chaos keyword. This enables the inclusion of 1 Titanic Chaos Knights model or up to 3 War Dog models, even if they lack the selected Faction keyword. Note that these additional models cannot be your Warlord and cannot be given Enhancements.

Traitoris Lance Detachment Rule:

When your opponent’s units fall below their Starting Strength and are within 12″ of a Chaos Knights model from your army, they must take a Battleshock test during the Battle-shock step in your opponent’s Command phase. Units with a Starting Strength of 1 are also considered below their Starting Strength if they have lost one or more wounds.

Chaos Knights 10th Edition Additional Resources:


In the 10th edition the Tyranid armies gain new strategic advantages on the battlefield with their distinct abilities and adaptations.


 The “Synapse Range” ability enhances their resilience, allowing Tyranid units within 6″ of Synapse models to take Battle-shock tests on 3D6 instead of 2D6.

Additionally, the dreaded Shadow in the Warp can now be unleashed once per battle in the Command phase. This sends an icy psychic signature that forces all enemy units on the battlefield to undergo Battle-shock tests, instilling fear and chaos in the hearts of their foes.

Tyranid commanders can now utilize the “Invasion Fleet Detachment” rule, optimizing their strategic options. Furthermore, before the battle begins, they can select from three powerful “Hyper-adaptations” to empower their Tyranid units throughout the entire engagement:

  • “Swarming Instincts” boosts attacks against enemy Infantry or Swarm units, granting the [SUSTAINED HITS 1] ability.
  • “Hyper-aggression” enhances attacks against enemy Monster or Vehicle units, providing the [LETHAL HITS] ability.
  • “Hive Predators” bolsters attacks against enemy Character units, unleashing the [PRECISION] ability when a Critical Hit is scored.

Tyranids 10th Edition Additional Resources: 

T’Au Empire

In the W40K 10th edition, the T’au Empire has introduced a tactical breakthrough called the Kauyon Detachment rule, designed to enhance their combat efficiency on the battlefield. Under this new strategy, T’au units can now collaborate in pairs during the Shooting phase to target specific enemy units effectively.

In this coordinated approach, one unit assumes the role of the Observer, while the other becomes the Guided unit. The enemy unit they are targeting is termed their Spotted unit. 

T'Au Empire in the 10th Edition - Army Rule

Whenever a unit, not functioning as the Observer, is selected to shoot, it can activate this ability. This prompts the selection of another friendly unit with the same ability, excluding Fortification, Battleshocked, and Observer units, to become the Observer unit for the phase. The targeted enemy unit is designated their Spotted unit.

For the duration of the phase:

  • Each attack made by a model in the Guided unit targeting their Spotted unit receives a +1 bonus to the Ballistic Skill characteristic. Additionally, if their Observer unit possesses the Markerlight keyword, the attack will gain the [IGNORES COVER] ability.
  • Conversely, each attack made by a model in the Guided unit that does not target their Spotted unit incurs a -1 penalty to the Ballistic Skill characteristic.

The Kauyon tactic, rooted in a deadly trap, allows T’au commanders to deliver fatal strikes with precision, rendering escape impossible for their adversaries. From the third battle round onwards, ranged weapons equipped by T’au Empire models in the army will benefit from the [SUSTAINED HITS 1] ability. 

When a unit is classified as Guided (refer to For the Greater Good rule), their weapons will instead gain the [SUSTAINED HITS 2] ability, showcasing the strategic prowess of the T’au Empire’s forces on the warfront.

T'Au Empire in the 10th Edition - Drone Units Spotlight

T’Au Empire 10th Edition Additional Resources:


The highly anticipated 10th edition of Warhammer 40,000 is set to introduce exciting changes to the Aeldari faction, also known as the Eldar.

Players can now experience the Strands of Fate, a unique mechanic that allows Aeldari players to harness their foresight and influence the outcomes of crucial dice rolls.

At the beginning of the battle, Aeldari players make a Strands of Fate roll by rolling twelve D6 dice. They have the option to re-roll these dice one by one, reducing the number of dice with each re-roll until they are satisfied with the results. These remaining dice form the Fate dice pool for the battle and can be used strategically during various dice rolls.


The Aeldari also boast distinct detachment rules, such as the Battle Host Detachment. When an Aeldari unit is chosen to shoot or fight, players can re-roll one Hit roll and one Wound roll during the resolution of those attacks, showcasing the grace and skill of these ancient warriors.

Moreover, the Aeldari’s versatility extends to the inclusion of Corsairs, Harlequins, and Anhrathe units in their army, providing an array of options to explore across different battle sizes.

The enigmatic Ynnari, led by the divisive figure Yvraine, can also field Drukhari units in their army, fostering unexpected alliances and bonds amidst the galaxy’s turmoil.

Additionally, Aeldari models will have access to powerful enhancements, such as the Phoenix Gem, which grants the ability to resurrect a destroyed model once, and the Weeping Stones, imbued with glimpses of the future.


Aeldari 10th Edition Additional Resources:


In the recently-released 10th Edition, the dark forces of the Drukhari have unveiled a new power known as “Empowered Through Pain.” Units from the Drukhari army can tap into this strength using Pain tokens, gained through various means.

At the beginning of the battle, Pain tokens are distributed based on the battle size, and additional tokens are acquired whenever an enemy unit is destroyed or fails a Battle-shock test.

10th Edition Drukhari - Army Rule

Once your Pain token pool is established, you can use it strategically during any phase. By expending Pain tokens, select a unit with the Power from Pain ability to become Empowered for the entire phase. In the Movement or Charge phase, you gain the advantage of re-rolling Advance or Charge rolls for the chosen unit.

Alternatively, during the Shooting or Fight phase, models within the unit can benefit from re-rolling the Hit roll for each attack made.

Furthermore, the Drukhari have introduced a Realspace Raiders Detachment rule, enhancing the fierce rivalry among the three factions – Archon, Succubus, and Haemonculus. 

At the start of the battle, armies containing at least one of each of these characters receive additional Pain tokens, boosting their Empowered Through Pain capabilities.

10th Edition Drukhari - Detachment Rule

Drukhari 10th Edition Additional Resources:


The Necrons’ Command phase in the 10th Edition or Warhammer 40,000 now activates their fearsome Reanimation Protocols, allowing units to reanimate D3 wounds at the end of each phase. 

This remarkable ability enables the restoration of lost wounds for models within the army, rejuvenating their combat prowess.

When a unit reanimates a wound, it follows a specific process. If any models in the unit have fewer wounds than their starting number, one of those models is selected to regain a lost wound. 


In cases where all models have their starting number of wounds, but the unit is not at its full strength, a destroyed model is returned to the unit with one remaining wound. Once a unit reaches its Starting Strength, and all models have their starting wounds, the reanimation process concludes.

For instance, during the activation of the Reanimation Protocols, a unit of Lokhust Destroyers successfully reanimates 3 wounds. 

The first wound restores a wounded Lokhust Destroyer to full health, the second brings back a destroyed Lokhust Destroyer with one wound, and the third wound recovers a lost wound for the same resurrected Lokhust Destroyer. As a result, the unit now consists of 3 models: two with 3 wounds each and one with 2 wounds.

In addition to this powerful ability, the Necrons have introduced the Awakened Dynasty Detachment rule, empowering them to unleash their command protocols with unfaltering precision. Under the leadership of a Necrons Character model, units gain a significant advantage, with each attack receiving a +1 bonus to the Hit roll.


Necrons 10th Edition Additional Resources:

Genestealer Cults

Genestealer Cults, known for their hidden strength and meticulous planning, unveil their tactical prowess with new abilities in the 10th Edition. 

When a unit with the Genestealer Cults ability is destroyed, a roll of 4+ allows them to enter the Cult Ambush and deploy a marker on the battlefield.

 If an enemy model approaches within 9″ of this marker, it gets removed. In the opponent’s next Movement phase, each remaining Cult Ambush marker allows the player to bring back a destroyed unit through Deep Strike, fully healed, and touching the marker. Characters attached to such units, however, won’t return.

Furthermore, the Brood Brothers rule allows Genestealer Cults to incorporate Astra Militarum units into their army. The points cost of these units depends on the battle size.

There are some restrictions on unit types and keywords, but this integration grants the Genestealer Cults faction unique advantages. Their weapons gain the Sustained Hits 1 and Ignores Cover abilities when deployed as reinforcements, allowing for even deadlier assaults.


Genestealer Cults 10th Edition Additional Resources: 


The Orks, known for their love of brawls and boisterous nature, have unlocked a potent ability in the new edition of W40K known as the Waaagh! Tribe Detachment.

Once per battle, at the beginning of a battle round, the Orks can unleash their Waaagh! – a devastating force that enhances their capabilities and turns the tide of battle in their favor:

  • Ork units gain the ability to declare a charge even after Advancing, allowing them to close in on the enemy with unprecedented speed and aggression.
  • The Strength and Attacks characteristics of melee weapons wielded by Ork models are boosted by 1, granting them even more lethal prowess in close combat.
  • Ork models receive a 5+ invulnerable save, making them more resilient against enemy attacks.

“Waaagh!” now uplifts EVERY model within your Ork army, eliminating the need for meticulous differentiation based on keywords. It bestows a universal enhancement upon all the ladz! Secondly, the Waaagh! can now be initiated at the commencement of a battle round, rather than during the Command phase.

This means that even if you find yourself taking the second turn, you’ll have the opportunity to unleash the invulnerable save and deflect the onslaught of enemy dakka before launching devastating charges in your own turn.

Furthermore, the Orks’ innate proficiency in hand-to-hand combat is amplified through the [SUSTAINED HITS 1] ability, enabling them to overwhelm foes with sustained strikes.

As for Ghazghkull Thraka, the mightiest and most formidable Boss of them all, he possesses an innate talent for dismantling newly arisen Tyranid behemoths, Brutalis Dreadnoughts, and even adversaries of even grander proportions! Equipped with Gork’s Klaw, he stands as an indomitable force to be reckoned with. Let us not overlook his loyal bodyguard of Meganobz, who are equally skilled in the art of relentless chopping!


Orks 10th Edition Additional Resources: 

Leagues of Votann

In the latest updates for Leagues of Votann faction, some exciting abilities and weapons have been revealed to enhance their prowess on the battlefield. When facing adversaries, the Leagues of Votann units display remarkable resilience and tenacity, earning them a distinctive set of abilities.

The Leagues of Votann faction introduces a new mechanic with “Judgement Tokens.” Whenever an enemy unit destroys a Leagues of Votann unit, the enemy unit gains 1 Judgement token, limited to a maximum of 2 tokens per enemy unit. 


However, this tactical advantage also works in favor of the Leagues of Votann. When models from their army target units with Judgement tokens, their attacks receive unique bonuses based on the number of tokens.

  • 1 Judgement Token: Attacks gain +1 to the Hit roll.
  • 2 Judgement Tokens: Attacks gain +1 to the Hit roll and +1 to the Wound roll.

The designers emphasize that if a unit with Judgement tokens is removed from the battlefield and later returns, the corresponding number of Judgement tokens is restored to the unit.

The Kin of an Oathband within the Leagues of Votann demonstrate exceptional skills and strategic efficiency. They start the battle with a predetermined enemy unit carrying 2 Judgement tokens. If, during any of the Leagues of Votann player’s Command phases, the designated enemy unit is annihilated, they gain Command Points (CP) based on how early the destruction occurred:

  • Destroyed by the start of the first or second Command phase: 3CP gained.
  • Destroyed by the start of the third or fourth Command phase: 2CP gained.
  • Destroyed by the start of the fifth Command phase: 1CP gained.

This new Oathband Detachment rule allows players to gain CP as a reward for their efficient strategic execution in the battlefield.


Leagues of Votann 10th Edition Additional Resources: 

New 10th Edition Miniatures

Games Workshop has unleashed a torrent of new miniatures to spearhead the 10th edition of Warhammer 40K. With precision and artistry, these captivating models represent the forefront of conflict, embodying the essence of each faction in the grim universe of the 41st millennium.

New Tyranids and Space Marines in the 10th Edition

The Space Marines and the Tyranids are at the center of the 10th Edition and as such are the two factions that received a multitude of new models: 

From battle-hardened heroes to nightmarish creatures, these finely crafted miniatures are a testament to Games Workshop’s commitment to excellence.

With unparalleled attention to detail, each model brings the brutal and unyielding battles of the future to life in striking fashion.

Librarian in Terminator Armour

Brand-new Space Marine Models

The new models for your 10th Edition Space Marines army includes elites, support units and a brand-new Dreadnought. 

  1. Captain in Terminator Armour: The formidable Captain, encased in Terminator Armour, leads his troops with unmatched resilience and commanding presence on the battlefield.
  1. Librarian in Terminator Armour: Harnessing potent psychic abilities, the Librarian in Terminator Armour wields arcane powers to support allies and unleash devastating attacks against foes.
  1. Apothecary Biologis: The Apothecary Biologis combines advanced medical skills with technologically enhanced knowledge to tend to wounded warriors and keep the battle-ready.
  1. Lieutenant in Phobos Armour: An expert in stealth and reconnaissance, the Lieutenant in Phobos Armour infiltrates enemy lines, gathering intelligence and coordinating strategic strikes.
  1. Sternguard Veteran Squad: This elite squad of veterans is equipped with rare and powerful weaponry, making them a formidable force against any adversary they face.
  1. Infernus Squad: Armed with deadly flamers and melta weapons, the Infernus Squad specializes in annihilating armored targets and clearing enemy positions with fiery precision.
  1. Ballistus Dreadnought: This heavily armed and armored Dreadnought rains destruction upon the enemy, providing heavy fire support and enduring even the fiercest battles.

Brand-new Tyranids Models

Winged Tyranid Prime

These are the brand-new miniatures for your Tyranid army that you can field in the 10th edition of the game. Some are part of the Leviathan box and some were announced following the conclusion of the Battle for Oghram. 

  1. Winged Tyranid Prime: The Winged Tyranid Prime takes to the skies, leading its swarm with aerial prowess and empowering nearby Tyranid forces with its commanding presence.
  1. Neurotyrant: A terrifying creature with immense psychic abilities, the Neurotyrant dominates the battlefield, controlling lesser beings and unleashing deadly psychic assaults.
  1. Von Ryan’s Leapers: This renowned Tyranid unit, Von Ryan’s Leapers, is known for their lightning-fast movements and deadly precision when ambushing unsuspecting enemies.
  1. Neurogaunts: Armed with synaptic weaponry, the Neurogaunts possess enhanced intelligence and coordination, making them a formidable threat on the battlefield.
  1. Barbgaunts: With razor-sharp barbed appendages, the Barbgaunts excel in close combat, tearing through enemy ranks with their deadly melee attacks.
  1. Psychophage: A monstrous creature capable of draining the psychic energy of adversaries, the Psychophage weakens enemy psykers and feeds its own psychic abilities.
  1. Norn Assimilator: The Assimilator’s purpose is singular and defined, showcasing its battlefield role by providing substantial enhancements for specific objectives. It might grant rerolls when engaging enemy units or securing strategic points with utmost efficiency.
  1. Norn Emissary: The Norn Emissary has undergone specialized evolutionary adaptations to fulfill a distinct purpose, excelling in hunting down skilled commanders and capturing knowledgeable individuals entrenched within heavily fortified strongholds.
  1. Neurolictor: A master of subterfuge and deception, the Neurolictor infiltrates enemy lines, sowing confusion and controlling the battlefield with its cunning tactics.

Models that received an update in the 10th Edition

Space Marine Terminators

Returning in the 10th edition with a new look and updated abilities are some models that Space Marines and Tyranids players are definitely familiar with: 

  • Terminator Squad: The Terminator Squad consists of elite Space Marine warriors clad in heavy Terminator armor, making them formidable and heavily armored troops on the battlefield.
  • Termagants: Termagants are small, numerous, and fast-moving Tyranid creatures armed with fleshborers, often used to overwhelm enemies through sheer numbers.
  • Lictor: The Lictor is a stealthy Tyranid creature specialized in reconnaissance and ambush tactics, capable of infiltrating enemy lines and striking with deadly precision.
  • Screamer-Killer: The Screamer-Killer is a massive Tyranid creature with powerful psychic abilities and immense strength, making it a formidable force in close combat.
  • Biovore: The Biovore is a bio-artillery Tyranid creature that fires spore mines from a living cannon, creating hazardous zones on the battlefield.
  • Pyrovore: The Pyrovore is a unique Tyranid creature that can spew forth bio-plasma, unleashing devastating ranged attacks against its foes.

The Evolution of the Lore in the 10th Edition

In the 10th edition of Warhammer 40K, major lore changes have shaken the galaxy to its core. Hive Fleet Leviathan, previously thought defeated, has resurged and launched a devastating assault on the opposite side of the galaxy, leaving the Imperium reeling. The Tyranids now attack in three separate tendrils, overwhelming sectors on the galactic periphery.

Amidst this chaos, a new prominent figure emerges – Lord Commander Solar Leontus, leading the Astra Militarum in the fight against the Tyranids. To buy time, Sol Blades, elite troops led by renowned characters, engage in guerilla battles, delaying the enemy’s advance. Additionally, the legendary Custodes, after millennia of guarding the Emperor, finally join the fray.

The Bastior Sub-Sector becomes the focal point of the Fourth Tyrannic War, a constant battlefield where Imperial forces fight to defend against the Tyranid onslaught. Meanwhile, mysterious Tyranid moons and the Hive Mind’s cunning tactics keep the Imperium in constant suspense.

As if the threat wasn’t already daunting enough, new Tyranid species appear, purpose-bred for warfare. Neurotyrants take command on the frontline, while Psychophages consume the dead for psychic attacks. Norn Emissaries infiltrate enemy lines, creating chaos and destruction.

The 10th edition of Warhammer 40K presents an ever-evolving and ominous universe, with the Imperium facing its greatest challenges yet. New foes, tactics, and horrors emerge, promising a relentless and cataclysmic war across the stars.


The 10th Edition in Competitive Play

Online Resources and Further Reading:

10th Edition Reception and Community feedback

Is 40k 10th Edition good? Here’s where we stand:

With the release of the new edition, Warhammer 40K has transformed into a game that seems to bring a lot of improvements to the table particularly if you weren’t interested in the game before. The recent implementation of more simplified rules have made smaller 40K games more enjoyable than ever before. Moreover, the fact that the rules and indexes are readily available online for free makes it an excellent moment for newbies to delve into 40K for the first time, revive an old army, or experiment with a new one.


For those who have reveled in the 9th edition and are eagerly seeking some fine-tuning to enhance their gaming experience, the new edition will probably meet their expectations. However, if you’ve harbored a strong aversion towards 9th edition, this new release might not be enough to sway you. While the changes are substantial, the core essence still resembles 9th edition, and it won’t undergo a complete transformation into an entirely different game.


What are the forums saying?

The community feedback on the release of the 10th edition of Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 was generally positive, but it also sparked diverse opinions among players and fans. The 10th edition brought significant changes to the game mechanics, army rules, and overall gameplay, aiming to improve balance and streamline the experience, but not all of them hit home among the fans.

While many players welcomed the changes and improvements, some also voiced concerns about certain aspects of the new edition. Some felt that specific army balance issues persisted, or that certain rules were unclear and needed further clarification:

10th Edition FAQs

When is Warhammer 40K 10th edition coming out?

Saturday, June 24th is the official launch date of the new Warhammer 40K 10th edition. Embrace the excitement with the Free Core Rulebook, Mission Deck, Unit Datacards, and other incredible offerings, all ready for you to explore and enjoy!

How long do Warhammer 40,000 editions last?

In the early years of Warhammer 40K, new editions were released less frequently, with longer gaps between them. As the game and its player base grew, Games Workshop started to release new editions more frequently to keep the game fresh and competitive. Between the release of 6th edition in 2012-2013 and 8th edition in 2017-2020, there was a relatively shorter time between editions, spanning around three to four years. However, this pattern might change in the future, and Games Workshop’s release schedule is subject to change based on their strategic plans and the response from the community.

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