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A Claw Pack quested on Sortiarius, battling Magnus the Red to reclaim a lost son of Russ. Meet Brother Torrvald, JoyToy's newest addition to the Space Wolves Claw Pack! Standing at 11.7 cm, Torrvald is perfect for Warhammer 40K fans.
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Introducing Brother Torrvald from JoyToy’s Space Marines Space Wolves Claw Pack! Standing at 11.7 cm (4.6 inches), this action figure features articulated joints for various poses.

Join the Space Wolves’ ranks and recreate epic battles from the 41st Millennium with Brother Torrvald. Launching soon, don’t miss out on adding this dynamic figure to your collection!

Brother Torrvald Action Figure

Brother Olaf in Warhammer 40K

In the midst of a mythic journey, a Claw Pack ventured onto the daemon world of Sortiarius, driven by the quest for ancient relics. Amidst the twisted landscape, they encountered Magnus the Red, the renegade Primarch of the Thousand Sons.

What ensued was a battle that not only tested their mettle but also sought to reclaim a lost son of Russ. While the outcome remains shrouded in uncertainty, the tale underscores the unwavering hope of the Space Wolves and their unyielding dedication to preserving their Primarch’s legacy, even amidst the turmoil of eternal conflict.

What’s in JOYTOY’s Brother Olaf Action Figure Box?

  • 1 x Brother Torrvald
  • 2 x Pairs of hands
  • 1 x Backpack
  • 1 x Pistol
  • 1 x Chainsaw

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