Ultramarines Primaris Eradicator 1 Action Figure

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We are pleased to provide the JOYTOY Ultramarines Primaris Eradicator! This 12.5-cm action figure has flexible joints for creative posing. Brother Janus, wearing blue and gold armor, uses a melta weapon to destroy opponent armor. Trained in Codex Astartes tactics, he unleashes righteous rage on humanity's adversaries.
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Introducing the Ultramarines Primaris Eradicator1 action figure from JOYTOY! Standing at 12.5 cm (4.9 inches), this detailed figure features articulated joints for a variety of dynamic poses.

Perfect for Warhammer 40K enthusiasts, the Eradicator1 brings precision and power to your collection.

Ultramarines Primaris Eradicator1 Action Figure

Ultramarines Primaris Eradicator 1 in Warhammer 40K

In the grim darkness of the Warhammer 40k universe, Primaris Eradicator Brother Janus of the Ultramarines is a formidable force on the battlefield.

Clad in the iconic blue and gold armor of the Ultramarines, he wields a powerful melta rifle, designed to obliterate the toughest enemy armor and fortifications. Trained in the tactics and strategies outlined in the Codex Astartes, Brother Janus excels in executing devastating strikes against the Imperium’s foes.

His unwavering dedication to the Emperor and his Chapter drives him to ensure that every shot counts, delivering righteous fury and destruction to all who oppose humanity.

What’s in JOYTOY’s Ultramarines Primaris Eradicator 1 Action Figure Box?

  • 1 x Ultramarines Primaris Eradicator 1 Action Figure
  • 2 x Pair of hands
  • 1 x Ammo pouches
  • 1 x Sheath
  • 1 x Jetpack with flame thrower
  • 1 x Knife

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