Black Library has announced pre-orders for two new novels, featuring Orks and Black Templars.

With these new novels, fans of both factions will have the chance to explore their stories in even greater detail.
Warboss Mike Brooks Preorder
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The Warhammer community is buzzing with excitement as the Black Library announces the pre-order release of two new novels: Warboss and Crusaders of Dorn.

These novels will allow readers to explore the intricate lore of the Warhammer universe and immerse themselves in the epic battles between the Orks factions and the key moments of the Black Templars’s history.

Warboss, by Mike Brooks

Warboss, by Mike Brooks, is a thrilling tale of the succession crisis that erupts when all six clans of the no-longer-united Waaagh! decide they’re best-suited to lead. The novel follows the story of Warboss Gazrot Goresnappa, who has emerged as the triumphant leader after conquering the fortress world of Aranua.

However, things take a turn for the worse when he finds himself flattened under the severed head of a Gargant. The novel promises to be a riotous journey filled with plenty of green mayhem as the Orks battle for dominance.

Crusaders of Dorn, by Guy Haley

Crusaders of Dorn, a compilation of seven short stories by Guy Haley, delves into the background of the Black Templars, one of the most renowned Space Marine chapters in Imperial history. The short stories highlight key moments such as High Marshal Helbrecht‘s first crusade and the Glorious Tomb. This audiobook edition of the novel is available for pre-order now.

Both novels are set to offer a thrilling reading experience, transporting readers directly into the fantastical universe of Warhammer. Fans of the franchise are eagerly anticipating the release of these novels, which are expected to be a hit among both casual readers and hardcore fans alike.

Complete press-release on the Warhammer Community site!

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