Join the Great ‘Squigmas’ Quest: Unravel the Warhammer Holiday Mystery for a Trove of Epic Prizes!

Warhammer's holiday season kicks off with the whimsical "Squigmas" event, where the enigmatic 'Squig Burglar' has outfoxed the Red Gobbo by stealing presents meant for the Warhammer universe. Participants can look forward to weekly clues released through the Warhammer newsletter, leading to a trove of prizes, including exclusive merchandise and a grand prize VIP trip to Warhammer World.
Join the Great 'Squigmas' Quest
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Key Takeaways:

  • “Squigmas” is a seasonal event by Warhammer, featuring a narrative-driven treasure hunt centered around the character da Red Gobbo and a mystery thief known as the ‘Squig Burglar.’
  • Prizes for the event include Warhammer merchandise such as model boxes, action figures, and video game codes, with a special grand prize of a VIP trip to Warhammer World.
  • Weekly clues for the event are distributed through the Warhammer newsletter, and participants can track the mystery through the Warhammer Community website.

As the holiday season approaches, Warhammer enthusiasts are invited to partake in a festive event dubbed “Squigmas,” where participants can assist the notorious Red Gobbo in a whimsical treasure hunt. The event promises the opportunity to win an array of Warhammer-themed prizes.

The annual holiday celebration, traditionally marked by the release of special boxed sets for Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar, takes an intriguing turn this year with the introduction of a playful challenge.

Participants are tasked with tracking down the elusive ‘Squig Burglar,’ a mysterious figure who has outwitted da Red Gobbo by pilfering presents before they could be spirited away.

Da Red Gobbo, a character known for his mischievous antics, finds himself in a predicament as his usual holiday plunder has been swiped by an unknown adversary.

Not to be deterred, he dons his detective hat and embarks on a quest to uncover the identity of the ‘Squig Burglar,’ inviting the Warhammer community to join in the investigation.

Discover new clues each week!

Squigmas 2023 Prizes

Each week, a new clue will be unveiled, guiding participants closer to solving the mystery. These clues will be disseminated through the Warhammer newsletter every Friday, with additional reveals on the Warhammer Community website. Contestants can then navigate to the competition page to submit their guesses, which will be presented in a multiple-choice format to accommodate fans of all knowledge levels.

The stakes are high as the first two weeks of the competition will see 10 lucky detectives who correctly identify the burglar’s location win a treasure trove of Warhammer delights.

Prizes include a choice of a Combat Patrol or Vanguard box, Warhammer action figures courtesy of JOYTOY, digital codes for the latest Warhammer video games, among other surprises. In a thrilling twist, the number of winners will double to 20 in the third week.

Sneaky Squigmas Treasure Hunt: Week 1 Hint:

Here’s the question and the correct answer for the 1st Week’s hint!

“Where steel fought green, two wars of three
And Big Boss found his best enemy”

Correct Answer: Armageddon

Sneaky Squigmas Treasure Hunt: Week 2 Hint:

Here’s the question and the correct answer for the 2nd Week’s hint!

“Out of realm and out of mind
Where mushrooms and prophecy you find”

Correct Answer: Skagrott’s Fungal Asylum

Sneaky Squigmas Treasure Hunt: Week 2 Hint:

Here’s the question and the correct answer for the 3rd Week’s hint!

“Back to where this hunt began,
In Gobbo’s grotto a traitor stands.”

Correct Answer: Scrap City, Red Gobbo’s Office

Remember that even though you miss a week’s hint- answering all questions correctly will still give you a chance to win the ultimate prize! The grand finale of the event will reward one astute participant, who has accurately guessed all three locations, with a VIP trip for two to Warhammer World 2024, alongside their prize bundle.

To join the hunt and stand a chance to win, enthusiasts should view the introductory video and keep an eye out for the weekly clues. With three clues to uncover and a grand prize on the line, the question remains: where will the Red Gobbo venture next in his festive quest?

Note: The terms and conditions of the competition, including the specifics of the prize packs and the VIP trip, are detailed on the official Warhammer competition page.

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