New Warhammer+ Miniatures – Subscribe to Take your Pick from Two Exclusive Models!

Enter the world of Warhammer+ and brace yourself for an exclusive treat like no other. As the next year of thrilling content awaits, two meticulously crafted miniatures have emerged from the forge of Games Workshop. Unbroken pays homage to classic Warhammer artwork, while Karlina von Carstein embodies sinister elegance. Subscribers, both new and returning, have the opportunity to claim one of these exquisite models, making it a year worth subscribing for. The choice is yours, and the universe of Warhammer+ beckons.
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In the vast universe of Warhammer 40k, where battles of unimaginable scale rage on, Games Workshop’s Warhammer+ subscription service stands as a portal to a treasure trove of content for enthusiasts and hobbyists. From gripping animations to expert painting guides, rich lore, and exhilarating battle reports, Warhammer+ offers it all. However, one of its most coveted perks is the annual exclusive miniature selection, and this year, they’ve unveiled two stunning options that are sure to delight fans.

Unbroken: A Tribute to a Classic

For those who appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into Warhammer miniatures, Unbroken is a true masterpiece. This miniature draws inspiration from the iconic artwork of Karl Kopinski and faithfully recreates the essence of Warhammer’s gritty universe. It features a weathered veteran Kasrkin, standing resolute and at ease.

Every detail, from the curved power sabre to the rebreather and goggles perched atop his scarred visage, is a nod to the classic Warhammer aesthetic. Not to be overlooked, the inverted combat blade on his chest adds a unique touch that collectors and painters will relish. Whether you’re planning to incorporate this miniature into a diorama or simply want an exceptional Sergeant for your Kasrkin forces, Unbroken is a must-have addition.

Karlina von Carstein: Elegance Meets Malevolence

In stark contrast to the grim stands Karlina von Carstein. This sinister Vampire Lord is a vision of dread, adorned in majestic fluted armor and poised for battle. Her elegance is matched only by her malevolence.

In one hand, she wields an ornate falchion adorned with a thorny rose, a symbol of the darkness that courses through her immortal veins. In the other, an empty chalice awaits to be filled with the lifeblood of her hapless foes. But the uniqueness of this miniature doesn’t stop at its chilling portrayal; it offers a choice of two heads. One is a menacing helmet featuring a bat-wing motif, while the other sports an extravagant aristocratic hairstyle that befits an immortal terror of the Mortal Realms. After all, a few thousand years of existence tend to breed eccentric fashion tastes.

How to Secure Your Exclusive Miniature?

Obtaining these exclusive miniatures is straightforward. Subscribers need to either sign up for Warhammer+ or renew their annual subscription on or after the 25th of August. Your chosen miniature will be dispatched to you one month after your subscription begins. Monthly subscribers will have to exercise patience and wait a full year to claim their miniature. For those torn between the two captivating options, fret not; you can opt to purchase the one you didn’t select with your subscription.

Additionally, for monthly and annual members who subscribe before the 30th of September, a 20% discount code for the Warhammer Merchandise store will be provided for use during October, with a second code coming in Spring next year for all active subscribers (terms and conditions apply). With over 2,000 items available, including T-shirts, mugs, hoodies, hats, calendars, cushions, dice bags, and notebooks, you can express your love for Warhammer in increasingly elaborate ways.

Annual Subscriptions: The Ultimate Access Pass

For the most dedicated Warhammer enthusiasts, annual subscriptions offer exceptional value, providing 12 months of content for the price of nine. This makes it the premier choice for diving into the vast world of Warhammer+.

More Than Miniatures: A World of Content Awaits

Beyond these exclusive miniatures, a Warhammer+ subscription unlocks access to a wealth of content. Thrilling animations like Blacktalon and Interrogator, along with the upcoming Pariah Nexus, are yours to enjoy. Exclusive Warhammer shows such as Battle Report, Loremasters, and the recently returned Citadel Colour Masterclass offer unparalleled insights into the hobby. Additionally, subscribers gain full access to the Battleforge section of the Warhammer 40,000 app, enabling the creation of intricate army lists, and the Warhammer Vault, a repository of lore from past Warhammer publications.

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