The return of the classic Warhammer 40k Space Marines

Classic Warhammer 40k Space Marines are being reintroduced by Games Workshop. The tabletop developer has done their part to make its grimdark sci-fi environment feel a little more joyful this Christmas season.
Armour Through the Ages
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This has featured both hilarious offerings such as the Ork Goff Rocker and the reintroduction of classic models for its nostalgic audience. And this year will showcase a return to the Imperium of Man’s earliest days.

The famous Warhammer 40k Space Marines reveal.

On Christmas Day, a Warhammer Community post announced the return of the original Warhammer 40k Space Marines. According to the article, all of these figures will be produced to order, although orders will be accepted until January 2. There are a few iconic models that are making a comeback.

Classic single units include the Space Marine Commander, Space Marine Captain, Lord Executioner, Chaplain With Jetpack, Librarian in Terminator Armour, and Techmarine. Each of these items costs $35 and is not made of the same material.

The Techmarine, Chaplain, and Lord Executioner are constructed of resin, whereas the Space Marine Commander, Captain, and Librarian are made of plastic.

This plastic Space Marine Commander comes with a wide variety of ranged and melee weapon options, and a plethora of accessories including an optional snazzy back banner.

You do, however, have several choices if you desire many sets of old Warhammer 40k Space Marines. The Armour Through Ages ($40) set includes five Space Marine models dressed in various sets of armor from the game’s history.

The armor is categorized as MK1 Thunder Armor to MKV Heresy Armor. The Heroes of the Chapter package ($80) includes five Intercessors, two Lieutenants, and one Ancient Primaris Space Marine. Finally, the Masters of the Chapter ($45) set contains four Chapter Master troops.

The Armour Through Ages models are a combination of resin and plastic, while the Masters of the Chapter figures are all resin and the Heroes of the Chapter models are all plastic.

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