Ultramarines Desolation Squad – Set of 3 Action Figures

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JOYTOY'S Ultramarines Desolation Marine Squad, offers 3 collectible action figures part of the Warhammer 40k series characterized by an intricate design and craftsmanship.
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The Ultramarines Desolation Squad action figure set features 3 iconic blue and gold fully articulated Ultramarines, with interchangeable parts and accessories.

This action figures offers exceptional flexibility for a variety of poses and accurately represents the original character through meticulous and detailed paintwork.

Every 1/18 scale figure comes with swappable hand parts and various weapon accessories, with a height ranging from 4 to 6 inches.

Priced at $139.99 on the official JOYTOY website, the Ultramarines Desolation Marine Squad – Set of 3 is currently available for pre-sale, with an anticipated shipping date in November 2024.

The Desolation Marines in Warhammer 40K

These fire support experts, decked out in power armor, bolster the forces of the Primaris Marines by delivering intense barrages of heavy firepower from afar.

Unlike Eradicators, who need to close in to unleash their Melta Rifles, and Hellblasters, who have to get within range for their Plasma Incinerators’ rapid fire, Desolation Marines have the advantage of raining down a torrent of explosions from a comfortable distance.

Ultramarines Desolation Squad Box Set Contents

Ultramarines Desolation Marines Squad - Set of 3 Alternate Pose

The boxed set contains 3 highly detailed Ultramarines, part of a Desolation Squad, plus their corresponding accessories and a base. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Ultramarines Desolation Marine with Castellan Launcher (Superkrak)
  • Ultramarines Desolation Sargeant with Vengor Launcher
  • Ultramarines Desolation Marine with Castellan Launcher (Superfrag)

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