Adepticon 2024 Reveals – All the Warhammer 30K & 40K Announcements in One Place

AdeptiCon 2024 has once again set the stage for the unveiling of the latest and greatest in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. This year, the spotlight falls on the indomitable forces of Chaos with the Chaos Space Marines leading the charge into new battles and narratives.
Adepticon 2024 Reveals

New Chaos Space Marines Miniatures and Army Boxes

The Chaos Space Marines, long-time antagonists of the Imperium of Man, are stepping from the shadows with renewed ferocity.

With the galaxy in turmoil since the opening of the Great Rift, new powerful Chaos Lords have risen, heralding their arrival with two menacing new kits that are sure to excite both painters and strategists alike.

Chaos Space Marine RevealsDescription
New Chaos LordAn imposing figure with multiple weapon options, including a chainaxe, accursed maul, daemon hammer, plasma pistol, and power fist. Options for a horned helmet or bare head are also available.
New Chaos Lord with Jump PackComes with weapon options like a power axe, fist, plasma, or bolt pistol, and a pair of lightning claws for Night Lords enthusiasts
Codex: Chaos Space MarinesFeaturing new rules, Detachments, and Crusade content.
Veterans of the Long War Battleforce31 Miniature Box Set that includes a 1 Chaos Lord, 5 Chosen, 10 Legionaries, 10 Chaos Terminators, and 5 Possessed.
Dread Talons Battleforce30 Miniature Box Set with a 1 Chaos Lord with Jump Pack, 10 Raptors, 1 Daemon Prince, 10 Cultists, a unit of Accursed Cultists, and a Dark Commune.
Table of all the Chaos Space Marines Reveals at Adepticon 2024

Here’s a bit more information about each new Chaos Space Marines reveal:

The New Chaos Lord Model

The first of these kits introduces a new Chaos Lord, an imposing figure adorned with trophies and barbaric accoutrements, standing as a testament to the chaos and destruction he brings.

With a myriad of weapon options, including a chainaxe, an accursed maul, and a daemon hammer, and even the choice between a horned helmet or a bare head, hobbyists can tailor this fearsome leader to their aesthetic and tactical preferences.

New Chaos Lord with Jump Pack

The New Chaos Lord with Jump Pack Miniature
The New Chaos Lord with Jump Pack Miniature

Further enhancing the Chaos Space Marines’ aerial assault capabilities, the second kit features a multi-part Chaos Lord with a Jump Pack.

The New Chaos Lord with Jump Pack Miniature - Closeup and Details

Captured in a dynamic pose, this model is designed to strike fear into the heart of any foe. Equipped with a power axe or fist and a choice of a plasma or bolt pistol, this Lord is not just a terror from above but also a versatile leader capable of adapting to various battlefield roles.

New Codex: Chaos Space Marines

Codex Chaos Space Marines – 10th Edition

Additionally, the announcement of a new Codex: Chaos Space Marines promises to bring fresh strategies and lore, with eight Detachments that embody the fighting styles of the Traitor Legions and other renegade forces.

This codex is set to be one of the largest and most detailed yet, offering players new ways to immerse themselves in the dark service of the Chaos Gods.

Veterans of the Long War Battleforce

Preview of the Chaos Space Marines Veterans of the Long War Battleforce Box Set
Preview of the Chaos Space Marines’ Veterans of the Long War Battleforce Box Set

This formidable set serves as the perfect nucleus for any Chaos Space Marines army, heralding the return of the chaos-inflicted veterans with unmatched ferocity and zeal. It features the new Chaos Lord, an imposing figure ready to lead his forces with a strategic blend of might and terror.

Accompanying him is a hand-picked bodyguard of five Chosen, each model a masterpiece of malevolent design, bringing unique abilities and weaponry to the fore.

The battleforce doesn’t stop there; it also includes ten Legionaries, the backbone of any chaos army, 10 Chaos Terminators, embodying the pinnacle of destructive prowess, and 5 Possessed, warped and twisted by the dark powers they serve.

Dread Talons Battleforce Box Set

Preview of the Chaos Space Marines' Dread Talons War Battleforce Box Set
Preview of the Chaos Space Marines’ Dread Talons War Battleforce Box Set

Focused on rapid assault tactics, this box set is a dream for those who wish to dominate their foes through shock and awe.

At the heart of this battleforce is the new Chaos Lord with Jump Pack, a dynamic model poised to lead from the front with a mix of brutality and agility.

Supported by ten Raptors, the Lord is not alone in his aerial dominance; these fast and lethal units are perfect for piercing enemy lines.

The set is rounded off with a terrifying Daemon Prince, an icon of chaos might, alongside ten Cultists and a unit of Accursed Cultists, ensuring that the forces of chaos have both the muscle and the numbers to overwhelm their adversaries.

A Dark Commune provides the necessary dark blessings, making this force a nightmarish whirlwind on the battlefield.

New Kill Team: Termination Expansion

Kill Team RevealsDescription
Kill Team: Termination Box Kill Team Expansion focusing on the desperate battles for resources on the world of Bheta-Decima.
Hernkyn Scouts MiniaturesIntroducing the Yaegirs, equipped with bolt shotguns, an assortment of pistols, plasma knives, a magna-coil sniper rifle, and an adaptive payload missile launcher.
Brood Brothers MiniaturesAstra Militarum troopers turned Genestealer Cultists,
New Terrain PiecesLarge plasma generatoriums that provide strategic cover and vantage points, essential for tactical positioning in Kill Team battles.
Overview table of all the Kill Team Reveals at AdeptiCon 2024
The New Box for Kill Team: Termination
The New Box for Kill Team: Termination

In this upcoming expansion, Hernkyn scouts from the Leagues of Votann face off against Astra Militarum troopers corrupted by a Genestealer Cult, setting the stage for intense skirmishes amidst the ruins of sprawling seaborne platforms.

This expansion not only brings new models and lore but also showcases the tactical depth of Warhammer 40,000’s skirmish game.

With terrain pieces that are more than mere obstacles, they offer strategic advantages and hazards, adding layers to the gameplay that require both cunning and bravery to navigate successfully.

Cryptic Messages from the 30th Millennium and the Badlands

Necromunda’s Sinister Stirrings

While specifics about the new miniatures or factions stirring in the badlands of Necromunda were not detailed, the announcement itself hints at upcoming releases that will surely expand the grim and perilous world of Necromunda.

Warhammer: The Horus Heresy – A Message from the Age of Darkness

Screengrab from the Horus Heresy Video shown during Adepticon 2024 Live Stream!
Screengrab from the Horus Heresy Video shown during Adepticon 2024 Live Stream!

In the midst of the relentless onslaught of new reveals for Warhammer 40,000, a shadow from the past stirred. The Horus Heresy, a dark chapter in the Imperium’s history, was given a nod with a mysterious and cryptic video.

Details from the Age of Darkness are scarce, and this tantalizing piece of media has left many searching for clues. We don’t know much about what’s coming next for Horus Heresy, but we’re pretty certain it has something to do with the Mechanicum of Mars.

The image above, taken from the video. shows the logo of the Martian Brotherhood with signs of corruption? Are we about to witness the rise of the Dark Mechanicum?

Let us know in the comments!

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