The Glorious Return of Armies on Parade in the Year 2024 – Commence Your Preparations for Battle!

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war... and the resplendent spectacle of the Armies on Parade, returning in the year 2024! Assemble, warriors of the hobby, for it is time to cleanse your brushes in the sacred solvents, align your paint racks in formations of readiness, and don the caps of cogitation.
Armies on Parade 2024 Announcement
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The Armies on Parade is not merely an event; it is a grand rite, a culmination of nearly a year of tireless labor, skillful painting, and strategic assembly – resulting in awe-inspiring legions upon glorious display boards. This endeavor is a challenge of the highest order, but the glory to be won is immeasurable.

Armies on Parade 2024 Comes with New Categories

Hearken, for new categories of competition have been decreed for this year 2024. Fear not whether you are a veteran of countless battles or a neophyte to the Warhammer universe – all may partake in this grand event!.

Armies on Parade 2024 Announcement

Individual Category

Champions of the Individual category shall present their armies, drawn from any game system, upon the blank canvas of a battle board or table. Here, the focus shall be solely on the army – no terrain shall cast its shadow upon these warriors.

Team Category

The Team category calls upon brotherhoods, families, or entire communities to unite in the creation of a show-stopping legion. Whether it be two comrades-in-arms, kinfolk, or a conclave of crafters, each shall contribute their might to this collective endeavor.

Display Board Category

The Display Board category beckons those who wish to demonstrate their mastery over the realm of terrain-making and diorama creation. One may also choose to compete in this category in addition to the Individual or Team categories.

Youngbloods Category

For the Youngbloods, those aged 13 to 16, a separate battlefield awaits. Participation requires the consent of a parent or guardian. These young warriors may also join the Team category, provided they march alongside a veteran aged over 16 – for example, a teacher leading a school’s Warhammer club.

Numerous incentives and prizes await those who dare to enter at their local store – with additional rewards to be won in both store-based and online ceremonies.

The final dates of this monumental event are yet to be carved into the annals of time, but the climactic store finales will be held in September, with the online Armies on Parade awards ceremony in October.

Terms and Conditions of Armies on Parade 2024:

  1. Armies on Parade 2024 shall feature four categories. Entries may hail from any game system within the Games Workshop pantheon:
    • Individual
    • Team
    • Display
    • Young Bloods (aged 13 to 16; entry requires consent from a parent or guardian)
  2. Additional categories may yet emerge from the fog of war.
  3. Victors in each category shall receive a trophy and a Combat Patrol or equivalent starter box. Judges shall also bestow up to 10 special commendations, each earning a certificate. Further details of the spoils of war shall be announced in April 2024.
  4. The criteria for judgment shall be: cohesiveness of display theme; originality and creativity; skill in conversion; and mastery of the painter’s art.
  5. The laws of engagement are thus:
    • Miniatures must be of Citadel and/or Forge World origin.
    • Entries may be drawn from any Warhammer game system, or the Middle-earth™ Strategy Battle Game.
    • Displays must fit within a board of 2’x2’ (61cm x 61cm) or 22×30 inches (76cm x 56cm).
    • Conversions and scratch-built entries are permissible, provided they adhere to scale and thematic consistency within the Warhammer worlds or universes. This does not extend to Middle-earth™ settings.
    • Customizations must use only Citadel/Forge World components.
    • Your entries must be painted by you (or your team, for the Team category).

Full terms and conditions shall be revealed in April 2024. Prepare yourselves, for glory awaits. More details in Warhammer Community website.

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