Warhammer 40K: Darktide Revamps Class System with RPG-Style Skill Trees

After a mixed reception on Steam and criticism of its class system, Warhammer 40K: Darktide is set to undergo a significant transformation. Developer Fatshark has spent the last 10 months working on a complete overhaul of the class system, introducing RPG-style skill trees full of new abilities for its four classes.
Darktide Class Rework Announcement
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Key Takeaways:

  • Complete Overhaul: Darktide’s developers are introducing RPG-style skill trees to its four classes, addressing criticism of the original class system.
  • New Abilities and Options: The revamped system will include three main branches for each class, offering new ways to build out each class and encouraging experimentation.
  • Enhanced Player Experience: The update aims to provide more agency, support different play styles, and allow players to express themselves through their playstyle.
  • Update Coming in October: The anticipated update is set to arrive this October, with potential for more updates before the end of the year.

The original class system, which allowed players to unlock a new perk every five levels up to a cap of 30, will be replaced with a more intricate skill tree. Each skill tree will have three main branches, with one representing existing options and the other two introducing new ways to build out each class.

In an interview with PC Gamer, Darktide game director Anders De Geer expressed the team’s desire to give players more agency and support different play styles. “We wanted to add more. Basically what we’ve done is reimagine what a class in Darktide is. This is our huge update: we’ve expanded the talent trees, added a ton of new options and abilities, passives and actives,” he said.

The new system encourages experimentation, allowing players to carve a straight path down one of the branches and still have points left to explore other options. Executive producer Juan Martinez emphasized the cooperative nature of the game, stating that the increase in options would multiply synergies created with other players.

Darktide Will Feature an RPG-Based Skill Tree

Examples of the new skills include a new shield ability for the Psyker, a crowd-controlling branch, a Force Lightning-esque smite ability, and new options for the Ogryn, such as a “Big Friendly Rock” instead of a grenade box.

The development of this skill tree began before Darktide’s launch, but it wasn’t ready last year. De Geer explained the intense work and experimentation that went into the new system, emphasizing the team’s belief that it would significantly improve the game.

While no exact date has been provided, the update is expected to arrive this October. With the one-year anniversary approaching on November 30, fans of Darktide may have more to look forward to before the year’s end.

Curious what the new system looks? Here’s a video from jtcLIVE, who managed to play test the upcoming patch!

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