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Exciting news for all fans of the Black Library - it's that time of year again! The annual Black Library Book of the Year award is back, and your vote can help decide which title claims the prestigious accolade. This year’s lineup is more thrilling than ever, featuring a wide array of genres and stories that have captivated readers worldwide.
Vote for Black Library Book of the Year 2023
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From the grim darkness of the far future to the mythical realms of age-old fantasies, the diversity and quality of this year’s nominees are truly exceptional.

This year is particularly significant because the list includes the much anticipated end to the Horus Heresy saga. Fans have been eagerly awaiting this conclusion, and its participation among the nominees adds to the thrill of this year’s voting.

Here’s the complete list of Black Library titles available for your vote:

  1. The Iron Kingdom
  2. First Founding
  3. Bad Loon Rising
  4. The End and the Death: Volume I
  5. Angron: The Red Angel
  6. Shadowsun: The Patient Hunter
  7. Warboss
  8. Black-Eyed Saint
  9. The Resting Places
  10. The Lion: Son of the Forest
  11. The Last Volari
  12. Blightslayer
  13. Pilgrims of Fire
  14. Leviathan
  15. The Martyr’s Tomb
  16. The King of the Spoil
  17. Cypher: Lord of the Fallen
  18. Grombrindal: Chronicles of the Wanderer
  19. Children of Teclis
  20. Shadow of the Eighth
  21. Vainglorious
  22. Longshot
  23. Ciaphas Cain: The Anthology
  24. Creed: Ashes of Cadia
  25. The Rose in Darkness
  26. Yndrasta: The Celestial Spear
  27. Legend of the Doomseeker
  28. Genefather
  29. The Fall of Cadia
  30. Once a Killer
  31. Storm of Iron
  32. Blacktalon
  33. Da Gobbo Rides Again
  34. The End and the Death: Volume II
  35. Temple of Silence
  36. Sea of Souls
  37. Lords of the Lance
  38. The End and the Death: Volume III
  39. The Ghosts of Barak-Minoz
  40. Da Big Dakka
  41. Black Library: The Art of the Horus Heresy

Whether you’re into the strategic depths of the 41st Millennium, the epic sagas of the Mortal Realms, or the rich lore of the Warhammer world, there’s something for everyone.

Each book on the list has been selected for its outstanding contribution to the expansive universes we love, offering readers an escape into worlds of unparalleled imagination.

Voting is now open and will run through the end of the month, giving you plenty of time to champion your favorite.

To cast your vote, simply head over to the official Black Library website, where you’ll find the voting portal ready and waiting. This is your chance to have your say and support the authors and stories that have made a difference in your reading life over the past year.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to participate in a celebration of storytelling excellence. Every vote counts in highlighting the best of what the Black Library has to offer, recognizing the creativity and hard work of authors who have contributed to these beloved universes. Make your voice heard and help decide which book will be crowned the Black Library Book of the Year!

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