Celebrating the Literary Universe of Warhammer 40K: Black Library Celebration 2024 Unveiled

Get ready, Warhammer 40K book worms! The annual Black Library Celebration is upon us, bringing with it a week full of excitement for fans of the storied Warhammer 40K universe.
Black Library Celebration 2024
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2024 promises to be an extraordinary event, showcasing the very heart of Warhammer 40K’s literary tradition with a lineup that includes eagerly anticipated book reveals, engaging author interviews, and exclusive teasers that are sure to captivate.

Featured Book Titles in the Black Library Celebration 2024

As we celebrate the rich literary tradition of Warhammer, here’s a quick glance at the exciting book titles featured in this year’s Black Library Celebration:

  • Morvenn Vahl: Spear of Faith (Mega Edition) – Note: Release delayed
  • Da Big Dakka (Special Edition) – Note: Release delayed
  • Da Big Dakka by Mike Brooks
  • The Art of the Horus Heresy
  • Deus Encarmine (Anniversary Edition) by James Swallow
  • The Ghosts of Barak-Minoz by Guy Haley
  • Riders of the Dead by Dan Abnett
  • Lord of the Night by Simon Spurrier
  • Ghazghkull Thraka: Prophet of the Waaagh! by Nate Crowley
  • The End and The Death Volume III (French and German Editions) by Dan Abnett
  • Dawn of Fire: Sea of Souls (German Edition) by Chris Wraight
  • The Greater Good (French Edition) by Sandy Mitchell
  • Black Library Celebration Anthology 2024

Among the highlights, fans were eagerly anticipating the release of two special editions set to be available for pre-order next weekend – the Mega Edition of “Morvenn Vahl: Spear of Faith” and the Special Edition of “Da Big Dakka.” Unfortunately, these releases have been postponed, but the Warhammer Community assures updates are forthcoming.

Da Big Dakka by Mike Brooks

Fear not, as the celebration still promises an array of exciting releases available for pre-order starting next Saturday (10th February), maintaining the traditional two-week pre-order window.

“Da Big Dakka” continues the thrilling saga of Ufthak Blackhawk in a direct follow-up to “Brutal Kunnin’.” This adventure dives into the depths of the webway, delivering Ufthak and his warband into the perilous realm of Commorragh. Authored by Mike Brooks, the novel will be available in English, French, and German, ensuring a wide reach to fans across the globe.

Adding to the celebration, a new Black Library Commemorative Series miniature of Ufthak Blackhawk will be released, capturing the essence of this beloved character in stunning detail.

Art enthusiasts can look forward to “The Art of the Horus Heresy,” a new artbook filled with over 100 illustrations that explore the series’ rich visual history, accompanied by commentary from cover artist Neil Roberts.

The Art of Warhammer 40,000 Book

A special anniversary edition of James Swallow’s “Deus Encarmine” celebrates 20 years since its original release, offering fans a collector’s piece with a sleek new cover and additional artwork.

Guy Haley’s “The Ghosts of Barak-Minoz” takes readers on another swashbuckling journey with Drekki Flynt, while Dan Abnett’s “Riders of the Dead” and Simon Spurrier’s “Lord of the Night” make their return by popular vote in new paperback editions.

The saga of Ghazghkull Thraka is retold in Nate Crowley’s “Ghazghkull Thraka: Prophet of the Waaagh!” offering a unique perspective on Ork warfare.

For fans of the Horus Heresy, “The End and the Death Volume III” by Dan Abnett will now be available in French and German, and the Dawn of Fire series continues with “Sea of Souls” in a new German edition.

The adventures of Commissar Ciaphas Cain resume in the French edition of “The Greater Good” by Sandy Mitchell, showcasing the cunning strategies against the T’au Empire.

Lastly, the Black Library Celebration Anthology 2024 promises a collection of short stories from favorite authors, available for a limited time with any order placed on the BlackLibrary.com webstore starting February 10th.

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