Warhammer Announces Price Increases Effective June 10, 2024

The changes, which will take effect on June 10, 2024, are expected to impact the majority of items sold in Warhammer stores and on the official Warhammer.com website.
Warhammer 40K Price Increase Update
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In a move that reflects the ongoing economic challenges faced by businesses worldwide, Games Workshop, the company behind the popular Warhammer 40K tabletop wargaming franchise, has announced upcoming price increases for its products.

According to the company’s announcement, the price adjustments will vary by product, but the average increase across most countries will range from 3% to 5%.

As an example, a squad of Necron Warriors, a popular choice among Warhammer 40K enthusiasts, will see a price hike from $50 to $52 in the United States, £30 to £31.50 in the United Kingdom, and €40 to €41 in the Eurozone (or local currency equivalent).

What are the Reasons for the Price Increase

Games Workshop has stated that the price increases are necessary to offset the rising costs of materials, transportation, and other expenses that have been steadily increasing over the past few years.

GW Reasons for the 2024 price increase!
GW Reasons for the price increase!

The company has emphasized that it has done its best to keep prices down, but the current economic climate has made it necessary to adjust prices accordingly.

These adjustments are often made in response to various factors like rising costs of materials, changes in the market, or updates to game balance.

List of Warhammer Products Being Affected

Product TypePrice Increase
Warhammer MiniaturesYes
Warhammer paint pots and paint setsNo
White Dwarf magazineNo
Black Library Products (including digital)No
The list of Warhammer Products being affected by the Price Increase

However, not all Warhammer products will be affected by the price changes. Items such as paint pots, paint sets, White Dwarf magazine, and Black Library publications (including digital versions) will maintain their current prices.

In a move to provide customers with ample time to make purchases at the current prices, Games Workshop has announced the price changes well in advance, giving fans until June 10, 2024, to take advantage of the existing pricing structure.

Warhammer 40K Community Reactions

The Warhammer community has reacted with mixed emotions to the news, with some understanding the necessity of the price adjustments while others express concerns about the impact on their hobby budgets.

Here are some notable Reddit comments reacting to Games Workshop’s recent 2024 pricing update for Warhammer products, with usernames included:

“Yup, I am already feeling tired knowing there will be a full on cry-war online about these small price increases, my favorite gluten free crisp bread have gone up 100% since the beginning of Corona. This is nothing, but still I just know people will rant endlessly about it.”


“I don’t know, I don’t envy Sweden and Norway getting 8-14% increases. No idea how they’re priced at the moment, though.”

Mad Doc Grotsnik

“Price increases for a business that profits as much as GW is ridiculous but I couldn’t care less about their resin garbage. Even when Squidmar paints them they look like crap.”


When was the last time Warhammer Announced a Price Increase?

Product2024 Price Increase2023 Price Increase2022 Price Increase
Warhammer Miniatures (Plastic & Metal)3%- 5%~6%5%-20%
Paint Pots & Paint Sets0%0%0%
Brushes & Painting Accessories0%~6%0%
White Dwarf magazine0%0%0%
Black Library Products (including digital)0%0%10%
Table of the price increase over the years for Warhammer products

Warhammer updates their prices periodically, at least once a year, if we look at the past two years.

2023 Price Increase

In February 2023, Warhammer has announced a forthcoming price adjustment effective from the 6th of March 2023. The average increase for plastic kits is estimated to be around 6%. For instance, a Battle Sisters Squad will see a price rise of £1.50, increasing from £36 to £37.50

These adjustments raised the prices of GW’s plastic miniatures, Forge World and Citadel resin miniatures, Standard and Artificer Citadel brushes, and spray paints by approximately 6%.

Items exempt from this price increase included:

  • Starter Sets
  • Paint Sets & pots
  • Citadel tools
  • Codexes, Rulebooks & Battletomes,
  • STC Brushes

2022 Price Increase

In 2022, the price hike was a significant source of discomfort, as the cost of miniatures increased by approximately 5% overall. The price increases were announced due to escalating costs of electricity, gas, raw materials, shipping, and widespread inflation globally.

Games Workshop stated that most of their product prices would rise by approximately 5%. However, prices for certain items such as books, scenery, and resin miniatures could increase by about 10%, and for Blood Bowl teams and metal miniatures, the increase was around 20%.

Several product categories were exempt from this price increase, including:

  • Paints and Paint sets
  • Brushes and tools
  • Most Warhammer Starter Sets

What do you think about the recent Warhammer Price Increase?

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