Warhammer Day 2023 is almost here! Get ready for exclusive reveals and W40K glory

Move over birthdays and holidays, the Warhammer community is gearing up for the most anticipated day of the year: Warhammer Day. Slated for the 14th of October, fans are already marking their calendars for a day filled with exclusive reveals, nostalgia, and Warhammer glory.
Warhammer Day 2023 Preview
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Key Takeaways:

  1. 40th Anniversary: 2023 celebrates Warhammer’s 40-year legacy with showcases and nostalgic articles.
  2. Twitch Live Reveal: On October 14th at 2 pm BST, a major live reveal will introduce new books, miniatures, and other exciting news.
  3. Exclusive Miniature: Limited-edition “The Ancestors’ Wrath” miniature available for a two-week pre-order starting Warhammer Day.

Celebrating its monumental 40th year, Warhammer has provided a year-long stroll down memory lane with 40 iconic models from its storied past.

But come next week, the Warhammer team promises to turn the dial up a notch. Starting Monday, fans can look forward to articles delving deep into the annals of Warhammer’s history – from favorite games and art to renowned miniatures, epic battles, and even a nod to traditional painting techniques.

Celebrating 40 Years of W40K Legacy

But that’s not all. The week of festivities will culminate on Saturday with a special live reveal on the official Warhammer Twitch Channel.

Set to commence at 2 pm BST (thats 6 am Pacific Daylight Time for our US readers), enthusiasts are in for a treat with the unveiling of brand-new books and miniatures for both Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Additionally, Kill Team aficionados can anticipate a new faction and box set, and Warhammer: The Old World fans have some significant news awaiting them.

Adding to the excitement, Warhammer Day will also introduce a limited-edition miniature – The Ancestors’ Wrath. This figure, an Einhyr Champion from the Leagues of Votann, will be available for pre-order exclusively on Warhammer Day and will remain so for two weeks only.

As the Warhammer community prepares for this landmark event, speculation runs wild. The only certainty? The Warhammer Day 2023 Preview Online promises an unforgettable celebration of four decades of gaming legacy.

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