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Adeptus Titanicus: Loyalist Legios

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Master the art of commanding Loyalist battlegroups in Adeptus Titanicus with this definitive guide. Delve into detailed rules for 16 Titan Legions and 12 Knight Households. Enhance your gameplay experience with exclusive Stratagems, allegiance rules, and other enriching features.
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Step into a galaxy ablaze with conflict and become the beacon of hope the Imperium desperately needs. As the Emperor’s loyal forces battle to safeguard His vast realm, the Loyalist Titan Legions stand as the ultimate defenders.

Command these god-machines, each more formidable than a thousand warriors, and unleash their cataclysmic power against those who threaten to engulf the Imperium in flames.

Craft your ultimate Loyalist battlegroup in Adeptus Titanicus with this essential guide. Dive into a rich selection of maniples to form the backbone of your force and explore the lore and rules of the Imperium’s most legendary Titan Legions and Knight Households.

If you’re driven to shield Mankind from encroaching shadows and wield immense war engines to crush adversaries, this book is your ultimate arsenal.

What you’ll find inside the Adeptus Titanicus: Loyalist Legios book

Dive into this 176-page hardback guide, meticulously crafted for Adeptus Titanicus enthusiasts. Here’s what awaits you inside:

  • Deep lore on Loyalist Titan Legions and Knight Houses.
  • Updated guidelines for crafting your battle groups.
  • Detailed rules for:
    • 16 Emperor-loyal Titan Legions, complete with Legio traits, Stratagems, and wargear.
    • 12 Imperial Knight houses.
  • A selection of 18 unique maniples tailored for your Titans.
  • Allegiance protocols for Loyalist Titan Legion Battle groups, Questor Imperialis, and Questor Mechanicus.
  • Insights and regulations for the enigmatic Ordo Sinister Psi-Titans.
  • A collection of 50 Stratagems tailored for Loyalist battle groups.
  • 11 exclusive Loyalist enhancements.
  • An exhaustive weapons list for each Titan, featuring weapon traits beyond what’s in the core rulebook.

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