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Adeptus Titanicus: Rulebook

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This hardcover rulebook is your gateway to the game, brimming with essential rules to kickstart your journey into Adeptus Titanicus games. With this, a selection of Titans, and a few accessories in hand, your galactic conquest awaits!
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Dive into ‘Adeptus Titanicus’ – an exhilarating tabletop game where you command awe-inspiring Titans in the galaxy’s most tumultuous era. Engage in heart-pounding combat as these colossal war machines, armored fortresses capable of decimating cities, clash in strategic battles.

As a player, you’re not just a spectator but a tactician, challenged to out think your opponent, manage your resources, and adapt to an ever-changing battlefield. Prepare for a thrilling test of wits and strategy, where every decision can tip the balance of cosmic power!

What’s inside the Adeptus Titanicus: Rulebook

Dive into this 96-page hardback guide and uncover:

  • The Imperium of Mankind: A sweeping view of the galaxy, the Titan Legions, and the pivotal Horus Heresy.
  • Notable Engine Wars: Chronicles of renowned Titan confrontations from the Age of Darkness.
  • Basic Rules: Essential gameplay guidelines, detailing everything from rounds, movement, combat, to the introductory Titanic Clash mission.
  • Advanced Rules: For the seasoned player, delve into Orders, Stratagems, and tactics for Titan squadrons and Imperial Knight support Banners.
  • Optional Rules: Enhance your gameplay with intricate mechanics like power transfer, void shield overloads, and managing stray shots.
  • Assembling a Battlegroup: Guidance on crafting your formidable army, featuring diverse maniples and unique traits for your Princeps Seniores.
  • Fighting a Battle: Insights into Open, Narrative, and Matched Play, with tips on mission selection, battlefield setup, and Stratagem deployment.
  • Missions: Six historic battle-based missions for both Open and Narrative Play.
  • Matched Play: Dive into balanced competitive gameplay, exploring the Meeting Engagement mission, deployment strategies, and victory criteria.
  • Legions of the Adeptus Titanicus: Spotlight on Legio Gryphonicus and Legio Tempestus, each boasting unique Legion Traits, wargear, and Princeps Seniores’ traits.

Additionally, immerse yourself in a visual feast of Titan artwork, annotated schematics, and vibrant displays of Titan and Knight heraldry.

Rulebook Preview

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