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Codex: Orks – 10th Edition

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Prepare for a Waaagh! like no other in the spring of 2024 when Codex: Orks will be available for preorder. This definitive guide will unlock the rowdy might of the Orks, complete with lore, strategies, and rules to animate the most boisterous warriors of the Warhammer 40,000 universe on your tabletop.
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Embark on a deep dive into the boisterous and chaotic realm of the Orks with the latest edition of the Codex: Orks. Spanning 136 pages, this hardback tome is not just a rulebook but a rich compendium filled with the extensive history of the galaxy’s most ravenous and battle-ready xenos species. The pages are adorned with striking, action-packed artwork that brings the brutal Ork lifestyle to vibrant life and showcases galleries of meticulously painted miniatures that could inspire any Warboss.

This codex unravels the complex tapestry of Ork society, from the ground up. Readers will delve into the inner workings of the Ork Clans, each with its unique traditions, battle tactics, and colorful war gear. The text sheds light on the infamous Ork leaders—mighty Warbosses, cunning Mekboyz, and the savage Weirdboyz—detailing their roles within the Waaagh! and their influence on the Green Tide. From the industrious Goffs and the sneaky Blood Axes to the speed-crazed Evil Sunz, every clan’s culture is explored, giving players a nuanced understanding of their army’s identity.

The codex goes beyond the lore, providing a plethora of detailed rules that cater to all aspects of gameplay. It lays out the structure and organization of Ork forces, from ragtag planetary raiding parties to the gargantuan hordes of a full Waaagh!, ensuring that players can tailor their strategies to the scale and style of battle they prefer. With 57 datasheets, players have the information needed to deploy everything from infantry squigs to the colossal Gorkanauts.

Strategists will appreciate the inclusion of seven Clan Kulturs, offering a variety of bonuses and playstyles that can be matched to any gamer’s preferences. The codex also incorporates an array of Stratagems and Relics that embody the Orks’ inventive and haphazard approach to warfare, adding layers of tactical depth.

For those who enjoy narrative-driven campaigns, the codex includes rules for Crusade games, presenting a wealth of options to grow and develop an Ork army over time. Players can track their progress with Agendas, Battle Traits, and Requisitions, immersing themselves in the ongoing saga of their Waaagh! as it carves a path of destruction across the galaxy. The Might Makes Right rule and the accumulation of Scrap for upgrades encapsulate the Ork philosophy, rewarding the bold and the belligerent.

What’s inside the Orks Codex

  • Thrilling narratives and stunning miniature galleries that celebrate the Orks’ legendary battles across the cosmos.
  • Complete army rules for fielding Ork miniatures, including comprehensive datasheets for each unit type.
  • Insights into the Orks’ Clan Kulturs, their unique army structures, and the Freebooterz, providing depth to your gameplay experience.
  • Matched play guidelines, including secondary objectives tailored for competitive Ork commanders.
  • Narrative Crusade game rules, offering dynamic campaign options and progression for your Ork horde through Agendas, Battle Traits, Requisitions, and more.

Rulebook Preview

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