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Codex: T’au Empire – 10th Edition

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Mark your calendars for spring 2024, when the Codex: T'au Empire will be released, offering a deep dive into a civilization where cutting-edge technology and a collective spirit strive for the Greater Good. This codex will be your gateway to mastering their advanced warfare strategies and delving into the expansive lore for your tabletop battles.
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Embark on a journey through the stars with the Codex: T’au Empire, a detailed 136-page tome that brings the innovative spirit of the T’au to light—a race renowned for its technological advancement and aspirations for interstellar unity.

This codex delves into the T’au’s harmonious yet complex caste-based society and their zealous pursuit of the Greater Good, which underpins their rapid galactic expansion.

It also chronicles the T’au’s origins and the Ethereals’ influential leadership, alongside stories of legendary figures like Aun’Shi and Commander Farsight, who are immortalized within the T’au’s storied history.

The T’au Codex will be available from preorders on 27th of April, both in the Standard and Collectors Edition!

Want a taste of what’s inside? Check our Review of the T’au Detachments, Rules and Stratagems!


What’s inside the T’au Empire Codex

  • Origins & Society: Insight into the T’au Empire’s beginnings and caste system.
  • Ethereal Guidance: Information on the Ethereal class that leads the T’au.
  • Legendary Figures: Background on key personalities such as Aun’Shi and Commander Farsight.
  • Miniature Gallery: A showcase of Citadel miniatures painted to display the T’au’s artistry.
  • T’au Units: Data sheets for T’au units including Fire Warriors, Battlesuits, and tanks.
  • T’au Warfare: Custom rules like Sept Tenets and Cadre Commands for gameplay.
  • Crusade Rules: Narrative-driven rules for campaign play, highlighting the T’au’s dual approach to conquest.

Rulebook Preview

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