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Datasheet Cards: Adeptus Custodes 10th Edition

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Master the battlefield with the Adeptus Custodes Datasheet Cards, essential for managing your elite warriors in Warhammer 40,000. Each card details unit profiles, abilities, and wargear, ensuring strategic command and swift gameplay.
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The Adeptus Custodes, divine warriors and guardians of the Emperor, represent the pinnacle of Imperial might. Adorned in auramite armor and armed with the most exquisite weaponry, they are unmatched in battle.

Enhance your gameplay with this set of 23 cards, each designed to streamline management of your Adeptus Custodes forces. Included are detailed datasheets for every unit, showcasing their capabilities, wargear, and unique abilities, along with a specific reference card for Adeptus Custodes army rules and additional datasheets tailored for Combat Patrol games.

What’s inside the Datasheet Cards: Adeptus Custodes pack

  • x1 Army Rule Card
  • x18 Adeptus Custodes Datasheet Cards
  • x4 Combat Patrol Datasheet Cards

Rulebook Preview

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