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Datasheet Cards: Necrons 10th Edition

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Lead the undying legions of the Necrons with precision and ease using a tailored set of datasheet cards, perfect for tracking your units and their formidable abilities in Warhammer 40,000 battles.
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Experience the resurgence of the Necrons, an ancient race of alien androids once known as the Necrontyr. These undying beings, who once dominated the galaxy, have awoken from eons of stasis to reclaim their dominion. Encased in regenerating armor of living metal and brandishing weapons that channel the cataclysmic forces of the universe, the Necrons present an implacable front to all who stand against them.

The comprehensive set of 53 cards is an indispensable tool for commanding your Necron legions. It includes detailed datasheets for all Necron units, complete with profiles, equipment, options, and unique abilities. Additionally, a quick-reference card outlines the overarching army rules for the Necrons, and specialized datasheet cards are tailored for streamlined play in Combat Patrol games. These cards are essential for managing your forces efficiently and effectively in the heat of battle.

What’s inside the Datasheet Cards: Necrons pack

  • x1 Army Rules Card
  • x47 Necrons Datasheet Cards
  • x5 Combat Patrol Datasheet Cards

Rulebook Preview

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