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Datasheet Cards: Tyranids 10th Edition

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Get ready to streamline your gameplay with this set of 53 convenient Tyranids reference cards. These indispensable cards not only help you stay focused during your games but also provide you with special datasheets tailored for Combat Patrol games.
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With the Tyranids 10th Edition Datasheet Cards in your arsenal, you’ll have the edge you need to conquer the battlefield with these relentless alien swarms.

The Tyranid hive fleets represent voracious extraterrestrial hordes that emerge from the outer reaches of the galaxy with the sole purpose of consuming all life. When the Tyranids launch their assaults, they do so with overwhelming numbers, unleashing horrifying bio-weapons upon their unfortunate prey.

This collection of 53 cards has been designed to assist you in managing your Tyranid forces during gameplay. Each card contains detailed information for every Tyranid unit, including their statistics, equipment, choices, and unique abilities.

Additionally, you’ll discover a reference card outlining the Tyranids’ army regulations, encompassing Synapse and Shadow in the Warp, along with specialized datasheet cards for utilization in Combat Patrol matches.

What’s inside the Datasheet Card: Tyranids pack

  • x1 Army Rules Card
  • x47 Tyranid Datasheet Cards
  • x5 Combat Patrol Datasheet Cards

Rulebook Preview

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