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The definitive guide to playing Kill Team is packed with essential rules and lore, supports open and competitive matched play styles with a wide range of missions types available, and contains 10 Spec Ops missions designed specially for narrative play, featuring an in-depth campaign system that takes your operatives from raw recruits to hardened veterans.
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In a galaxy where colossal forces numbering in the millions battle across myriad worlds, specialized squads known as kill teams are deployed on covert operations, tasked with carrying out critical tasks hidden from plain sight.

Selected from the most skilled and autonomous warriors, these elite members utilize a blend of uncommon abilities and cryptic techniques to achieve objectives that conventional armies cannot.

The latest installment of Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team is a thoroughly reimagined tabletop clash that stands as the ultimate strategic combat simulation, where teams of battle-hardened agents lock horns in intense hand-to-hand warfare, each striving to fulfill their unique missions.

Within this comprehensive manual, players will discover the full gameplay guidelines for engaging in Kill Team battles, a diverse array of mission scenarios to explore, and extensive narratives detailing the bleak and foreboding universe of the 41st Millennium.

The book is an enlightening examination of the various factions waging relentless warfare in the obscured reaches of the cosmos.

What you’ll find inside the Kill Team Core Book

This 144-page guide serves as the essential handbook for Kill Team commanders, encompassing everything required to assemble, decorate, and engage in gameplay within the universe of Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team.

A Millennia of Galactic Warfare

This volume begins by encapsulating the turbulent history of the 41st Millennium, delving into the formidable military power of the Imperium and the relentless adversaries they face in the unending battles that stretch across the cosmos.

Additionally, readers are introduced to kill teams, the specialized units that players will lead, and an exploration of their persistent deployment in countless war zones that scar the galaxy.

The Core Rules for Kill Team games

The preliminary rules section outlines the fundamental elements needed to commence conflicts in Kill Team, covering the necessary tools, stages of gameplay, and the critical operative specifications.

Kill Zones

Within this section, guidelines, and rules are provided on how the landscape influences the game, showcasing illustrative battlefield configurations and detailing the regulations that control movement across, around, and through the terrain.

Modes of Engagement

After grasping the essential concepts, readers will find insights into the three principal game styles and the diverse missions they can undertake:

  • Open Play: This informal mode, ideal for newcomers and a great practice space in a laid-back mission setting, also offers seasoned commanders the tools to create thematic and vast games to challenge even the most battle-hardened warriors.
  • Matched Play: Representing the epitome of strategic balance, matched play offers a tactical battlefield where commanders face off, relying on careful planning and shrewd decisions. Utilizing only the fundamental equipment detailed in their datasheets, players must outwit their enemies to triumph.
  • Spec Ops Narrative Play: Through the newly introduced Spec Ops rules, players can evolve their kill teams from green recruits to seasoned veterans, acquiring honors and unique abilities. These narrative campaigns enrich regular games into immersive story-driven experiences filled with dramatic highlights.

Critical Operations Mission Collection

This section presents a curated list of 9 thrilling missions. Crafted for balance in matched play, these missions are equally engaging in open and Spec Ops narrative modes.

Tac Ops Strategy Suite

Tac Ops introduces concealable secondary objectives across various missions, allowing commanders to premeditate their tactics while observing and countering the enemy’s maneuvers.

Conclusion and References

The book concludes with a convenient reference segment, brimming with special guidelines and capabilities, complemented by an outline of the diverse markers, counters, and tools essential for engaging in Kill Team battles.

Rulebook Preview

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