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Necromunda: Core Rulebook

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"Unlock the secrets of gang warfare in Necromunda with your go-to manual. Dive into revised core rules, tailored for your immersive experience, complete with a comprehensive campaign structure, handy tools, and 11 engaging scenarios just for you. Discover the underhive and ash wastelands firsthand, all brought to life with compelling lore and mesmerizing artwork.
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Step into the heart of Necromunda, a hive world steeped in history spanning over 15,000 years. From its inception as a mining and manufacturing colony to its current state—riddled with radioactive poison and teeming billions—Necromunda holds stories in every crevice. Amidst the shadows, where daylight is a myth, your journey begins.

Necromunda: Core Rulebook is your passport to the relentless world of Necromunda: a tabletop skirmish wargame where you take charge of rival gangs vying for dominance.

It equips you with the most up-to-date core game rules, newly integrated features like vehicles, the process of starting gangs, and the unpredictable ash wastes weather.

Beyond the gameplay, dive deep into Necromunda’s rich history, made vivid through immersive lore and striking visuals. Designed for you, this is the ultimate companion for those ready to master the art of gang warfare!

What’s inside the Necromunda: Core Rulebook?

Step into the vast realm of Necromunda with this 336-page hardback guide crafted just for you:

  • Discover Necromunda’s History: Dive deep into the nightmares of this world, from its suffocating underhives to its treacherous ash wastes. Get insights into major gang factions, explore Hive Primus and the western hemisphere maps, and journey through a rich timeline that harks back to the Dark Age of Technology.
  • Master the Core Rules: Familiarize yourself with the revamped foundational principles of Necromunda’s gang warfare. Grasp fighter dynamics, get into the nitty-gritty of game rounds and phases, and delve into specialized rules like psyker actions and vehicle battles. Find all essential rules, including updates from various supplements, gathered just for your convenience.
  • Craft Your Gang: Design and upgrade your own gang. Learn the dynamics of growth, equipment acquisitions, member advancements, and even how to muster forces for singular battles.
  • Champion the Dominion Campaign: Embark on a comprehensive system that lets your gangs grow in power, competing over precious territories. Understand victory terms, income regulations, and the benefits of controlling 26 unique sectors.
  • Set Your Battleground: Harness expert knowledge on constructing your underhive or ash waste warzones. Engage with unique rules like scavenger hunt mechanics, desert tempests, and compete in 11 diverse scenarios for your gang’s prosperity.
  • Shape Your Narrative with Arbitrator’s Toolkit: Delve into an enriched toolkit that guides your story’s trajectory, inclusive of campaign variations, optional rules, Underdog rewards, and strategic gang tactics.
  • Harness Gang Skills & Tactics: Equip your gangs with universal tactics and skills, letting them shine in battle and evolve with newfound prowess.
  • Navigate The Trading Post: Experience a comprehensive market with guidelines on trade, encompassing a broad spectrum of gear, bionics, accessories, and more. Plus, gain access to exclusive Black Market items.

Remember, this book equips you with Necromunda’s core gameplay. For gang-specific rules, turn to the Necromunda “House of…” or “Book of…” series, available separately.

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