Grey Knights Grand Master Voldus Action Figure

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The Grand Master Voldus action figure, a masterpiece by JOYTOY, captures the legendary Aldrik Voldus of Warhammer 40K. This 1:18 scale figure is a tribute to the most formidable psyker and a martial leader of the Grey Knights.
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The Grey Knights Grand Master Voldus action figure by JOYTOY, a striking embodiment of Warhammer 40K’s Aldrik Voldus, is presented in a 1:18 scale.

Meticulously crafted from ABS/PVC materials, it includes the Grand Master Voldus figure, a warhammer, a book, and a pair of hands. This collectible, weighing 0.35 kg, is not a toy and is suitable for ages 15 and above.

The Action Figure will be available in March 2024.

Grand Master Voldus in Warhammer 40K

Aldrik Voldus, Grand Master of the Grey Knights‘ 3rd Brotherhood and Warden of the Librarius, stands as a paragon of psychic might and martial prowess.

Anointed by Supreme Grand Master Kaldor Draigo, Voldus is renowned as the most formidable psyker of the Grey Knights in countless centuries. His valor shone brightly during the Siege of the Fenris System and the Ultramar Campaign in the 13th Black Crusade.

Present on Macragge during the Celestinian Crusade’s arrival, Voldus played a crucial role in the resurrection of Primarch Roboute Guilliman, shaping the fate of the Imperium in these dark times.

What’s in the Grand Master Voldus Action Figure box?

Grey Knights Grand Master Voldus Box Components
  • 1x Grand Master Voldus Figurine
  • 1x Warhammer
  • 1x Book
  • 1x Extra Pair of hands
  • 1x Base

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