Legion Breacher with Lascutter Action Figure

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Imperial Fists MkIII Breacher Legionaries, clad in Iron Armor, led the legion's siege warfare in the Warhammer 40K universe. Add JOYTOY's 12 cm Legion Breacher with a Lascutter to your collection, symbolizing their engineering skill and tactical prowess.
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Enhance your Warhammer 40K display with JOYTOY’s Imperial Fists Legion Breacher featuring a Lascutter.

This 12 cm (4.7 inch) articulated figure captures the essence of siege warfare, equipped with detailed armor and a Lascutter for breaching enemy defenses.

Ideal for collectors, it symbolizes the Imperial Fists’ engineering skill and tactical prowess, making a striking addition to any collection.

Legion Breacher with Lascutter Action Figure

Legion Breacher with Lascutter in Warhammer 40K

In the Warhammer 40K universe, the Imperial Fists Legion’s MkIII Breacher Legionaries, wearing Iron Armor, were central to the legion’s siege warfare strategy during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.

Their equipment, designed for the toughest battles, and their use of boarding shields in close-quarters combat, demonstrated the Imperial Fists‘ tactical depth and commitment to the Emperor’s cause, leaving a lasting legacy on the Chapter’s doctrines.

What’s in JOYTOY’s Legion Breacher with Lascutter Action Figure Box?

  • 1 x Legion Breacher with Lascutter
  • 1 x Alternate hand
  • 1 x Lascutter
  • 1 x Power Pack
  • 1 x Pistol

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