Ultramarines Bladeguard Ancient Action Figure

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The JOYTOY Ultramarines Bladeguard Ancient figure, with its notable size and high-quality craftsmanship, embodies the spirit of the Warhammer 40K universe. This collector's item, more than just a figure, highlights the detailed armor and heraldry of the Ultramarines through its durable material and exquisite finish.
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This meticulously crafted figure from Joytoy captures the essence of this revered position. Crafted from high-quality materials, it boasts impressive durability and a finish that highlights the intricate details of the Ultramarines‘ armor and heraldry.

The figurine measures 12.5 cm in height (~5 inches) and thanks to its articulated joints it can be displayed in various stances.

The Bladeguard Ancient in Warhammer 40K

also referred to as Company Ancient, Company Standard Bearer or Space Marine Ancient – stands as a venerable and symbolic figure.

The Bladeguard Ancients are elite Primaris Space Marines from the 1st Company’s Bladeguard Veteran Squads, honored with the task of carrying their Chapter’s revered standards into combat.

This banner is an ancient relic, deeply revered and a source of inspiration for all Space Marines in the Company. The presence of the Primaris Ancient boosts the morale of the troops, making them fight harder. The duty of the Company Ancient is to ensure the banner never falls as long as they live, as losing it is a great dishonor.

What’s in the Ultramarines Bladeguard Ancient Action Figure Box?

Warhammer 40k Ultramarines Bladeguard Ancient Action Figure Accessories by Joytoy
  • Ultramarines Bladeguard Ancient Action Figure
  • Standard of the Emperor Ascendant
  • Powerpack, Bolter and Sigil
  • Base

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