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Company Heroes

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The Company Heroes box set includes a skilled Captain with an elite retinue, featuring a Champion, Ancient, and two Veterans, each a hero in their own right. Customize your Captain's arsenal and appearance with versatile options, and lead your Space Marines army to victory with this exceptional collection.
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Within a Space Marine company, the most valiant battle-brothers often unite to form an elite retinue, pledging their unwavering loyalty to their Captain.

These specialized individuals serve as crucial supporters, acting as both honor guards and indispensable aides.

Among them, Company Champions exemplify martial prowess while defending the Chapter’s honor, Ancients safeguard inspirational banners, and Company Veterans rain down devastating fire with their relic bolt weapons.

This versatile multipart plastic kit empowers you to assemble a Space Marine Captain accompanied by a quartet of esteemed Company Heroes, ready to march into the heart of battle.

For the Captain, choose from a master-crafted bolter, plasma pistol, or neo-volkite pistol in one hand, complemented by a power fist or power sword in the other.

His retinue comprises a Company Champion, brandishing a formidable two-handed power sword, an Ancient bearing a resplendent banner aloft, and two battle-hardened Company Veterans, armed with master-crafted firearms – one wields a bolt rifle, while the other carries a heavy bolter.

Each of these noble warriors is adorned with symbols of distinction and prestige, reflecting their elite status within the Chapter. You have the option to build them with either bare heads or helmets, allowing for personalization and customization to your liking. Prepare to lead your Space Marines into battle with this exceptional collection of heroes, bound by duty, honor, and unwavering resolve.

Company Heroes Datasheets

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What’s in the Company Heroes box

  • x90 plastic components that make 1 Space Marine Captain and 4 esteemed Company Heroes.
  • x5 Citadel 40mm Round Bases.
  • x1 Space Marines Infantry Transfer Sheet.

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