Ultramarines Primaris Reivers Action Figures

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The Ultramarines Primaris Reivers from JOYTOY are now available! With their adjustable joints, these 12 cm action figurines allow for dramatic posing. With their heavy bolt pistols and battle swords, they are excellent in close-quarters and stealthy warfare, making them ideal for Warhammer 40K collectors.
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Introducing the Ultramarines Primaris Reivers from JOYTOY! Standing at 12 cm (4.7 inches), these action figures feature articulated joints for dynamic posing. Perfect for Warhammer 40K collectors, the Primaris Reivers showcase the stealth and combat prowess of the Ultramarines.

Ultramarines Primaris Reivers in Warhammer 40K

In Warhammer 40k, Ultramarines Primaris Reivers are elite shock troops known for their stealth and psychological warfare. Clad in modified Phobos armor, they use grapnel launchers and grav-chutes for infiltration.

Armed with heavy bolt pistols and combat blades, they excel in close-quarters combat, striking fear into enemies with their skull-like helmets. Reivers conduct surgical strikes and sabotage, embodying the Ultramarines’ strategic precision and ensuring swift neutralization of key enemy positions.

What’s in JOYTOY’s Ultramarines Primaris Reivers Action Figure Box?

  • 3 x Ultramarines Primaris Reivers Action Figure
  • 12 x Pair of hands
  • 3 x Jetpack
  • 3 x Rifle
  • 3 x Knife
  • 3 x Helmets

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