Ultramarines Bladeguard Veterans Action Figure

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The Ultramarines Bladeguard Veterans from Joytoy are now available! These 12.5 cm (4.9 inch) action figurines have flexible joints for dramatic stances. Perfect for Warhammer 40K fans, these elite warriors hold power swords and storm shields, reflecting the Ultramarines' pride and might through courage and commitment.
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Introducing the Ultramarines Bladeguard Veterans from JOYTOY! Standing at 12.5 cm (4.9 inches), these finely detailed action figures feature articulated joints for a variety of dynamic poses.

Perfect for Warhammer 40K enthusiasts, the Bladeguard Veterans bring the honor and might of the Ultramarines to your collection.

Ultramarines Bladeguard Veterans Action Figure

Ultramarines Bladeguard Veterans in Warhammer 40K

In Warhammer 40k, the Ultramarines Bladeguard Veterans are elite warriors, clad in heavy Gravis armor and wielding master-crafted power swords and storm shields.

Renowned for their martial prowess and unwavering loyalty to the Emperor, they are deployed in critical battles to turn the tide in favor of the Imperium.

These veterans embody the honor and excellence of the Ultramarines, inspiring their brothers with their valor and dedication.

What’s in JOYTOY’s Ultramarines Bladeguard Veterans Action Figure Box?

  • 1 x Ultramarines Bladeguard Veterans Action Figure
  • 2 x Alternate heads with helmet
  • 4 x Alternate palms
  • 1 x Empty holster
  • 1 x Amo pouches
  • 2 x Pistol
  • 1 x Jetpack
  • 1 x Protect

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