A Barrage of Announcements for the T’au Empire in the Warhammer 40k Universe, and Some Other Things.

Amidst the vast expanse of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, anticipation peaks as the T’au Empire makes a resounding statement of supremacy through a plethora of fresh releases and offerings. Here’s a detailed rundown of what enthusiasts can expect:
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T’au Empire: Spearheading the Greater Good

Codex: T’au Empire is Coming for Preorders

Prepare to immerse yourself in the lore and strategy of the T’au Empire with the highly anticipated Codex: T’au Empire, available for pre-order this Saturday.

Delve into the intricacies of Fire Caste tactics and auxiliary forces, supplemented by an extensive Kroot range offering versatile skirmishers to bolster T’au gunlines.

The codex not only provides updated detachments and stratagems for the T’au but also offers engaging lore, miniature showcases, and campaign mechanics to test your strategic prowess.

New Kroot Leaders

The T’au Empire welcomes three formidable additions to its ranks of Kroot leaders. From the frontline expertise of the War Shaper to the tactical acumen of the Trail Shaper and the primal ferocity of the Flesh Shaper, these leaders bring unique strengths to their respective warbands, promising dynamic gameplay and narrative depth.

Expanded Kroot Forces

The backbone of many T’au armies, Kroot Carnivores return in a new iteration, boasting additional weapon options and enhanced customization possibilities.

Complemented by Kroot Hounds, these units exemplify the versatility and adaptability of Kroot hunting techniques, seamlessly translating into battlefield utility.

New Combat Patrol: T’au Empire

For commanders seeking swift deployment and tactical flexibility, the T’au Empire Combat Patrol presents a balanced mechanized force.

Led by a stalwart Commander in an Enforcer battlesuit, supported by Breacher Teams and Pathfinders, this patrol epitomizes the strategic synergy of T’au warfare.

Accessories and Essentials

Enhance your T’au Empire collection with frosted white dice adorned with the T’au sept logo and datasheet cards featuring quick reference information for seamless gameplay. These accessories provide both style and functionality, catering to discerning commanders.

Other Releases

Made to Order Orks

In a nod to Ork enthusiasts, classic Ork kits are reintroduced, offering iconic units such as the Ork Dreadnought, Blood Axe Kommandos, and Nobz in vintage-inspired designs. These kits promise nostalgic joy and formidable battlefield presence for Ork enthusiasts.

Warhammer Heroes Series 4

Series 4 of the Warhammer Heroes blind box miniatures debuts, featuring Strike Force Justian, comprising a diverse array of Space Marine squads. With unique rules and collectible appeal, these miniatures offer enthusiasts a chance to bolster their collections and unleash new strategies on the tabletop.

Solar Auxilia Reinforcements

Loyalists and traitors alike can augment their forces with the Solar Auxilia Basilisk and Medusa, delivering devastating ordnance to unsuspecting foes.

Additionally, the Hermes Light Sentinel Squadron introduces fast, agile walkers equipped for rapid skirmishes or frontal assaults, providing strategic depth to Solar Auxilia armies.

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  1. I love the new Tau Combat Patrol, feels more balanced and able to perform well around holding ovjectives.

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