Get Ready for the New “Broken Lance” Series on Warhammer+

In an exhilarating announcement for fans of the Warhammer 40K saga, the Warhammer+ platform is gearing up to launch a riveting new series titled "Broken Lance." This series is set to catapult viewers into the tumultuous realm of knight households, pitting Imperial knights against their Chaos counterparts in a narrative rich with valor, betrayal, and warfare.
Broken Lance Series
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Marking a first for Warhammer 40K animations, “Broken Lance” delves deep into the storied tradition and perilous lives of the Imperial Knight Houses.

As they rally to quell a Chaos uprising festering with Nurgle’s sinister plagues, the series raises the question: Can the Imperial Knights withstand the corruption, or will they fall before the onslaught of Chaos?

“Broken Lance” is poised to capture the essence of knightly combat, centering on a valorous Imperial Knight House, distinguished by their regal purple and white colors and a striking bird crest. (Maybe House House Terryn?)

Watch the trailer below:

They find themselves locked in a fierce confrontation with the menacing Chaos Knights and even a Great Unclean One, setting the stage for a narrative teeming with tension and drama.

Community Feedback and First Impressions

The Warhammer 40,000 community has voiced mixed feelings about the “Broken Lance” animation, with several fans expressing concerns over its quality.

Some comments suggest that the animation and sound design don’t quite live up to the professional standards expected from a studio production, drawing comparisons to fan-made content on YouTube.

There’s a sense that the work appears unfinished, particularly in terms of sound quality, which has been a recurring issue across the series.

Broken Lance on Warhammer+ - A Chaos Knight

Despite these critiques, there’s an acknowledgment that the sound might have been specifically tailored for the trailer rather than the series itself.

Amidst the criticism, there remains a palpable excitement for new content within the Warhammer universe. Fans are eager to see how certain storylines and battles will unfold, even as they discuss the predictability of heroic endings and the technical aspects of the animation, like resolution quality.

Broken Lance also pits Imperial Knights against a Great Unclean One

The community’s reaction underscores a complex blend of anticipation and high expectations, reflecting a deep engagement with the Warhammer 40,000 lore and a desire for content that matches the grandeur of its setting.

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