Las Vegas Open 2024 Preview: Warhammer 40k, Horus Heresy, and Kill Team Unleash New Terrors!

The Las Vegas Open 2024 has unveiled a groundbreaking series of new releases for Warhammer 40k, Horus Heresy, and Kill Team, thrilling fans worldwide. This event marks a significant moment in the Warhammer universe, introducing the formidable Kroot Hunting Pack for Warhammer 40k, the elite Solar Auxilia for the Horus Heresy, and the mysterious Kill Team: Nightmare, setting the stage for a year of epic battles and legendary narratives.
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From the battle-scarred fields of the Las Vegas Open, the first Warhammer Preview of 2024 thundered forth, shaking the foundations of the Warhammer universe!

The air was thick with anticipation as legions of Warhammer fans, eyes gleaming like power swords, witnessed the unveiling of new, awe-inspiring forces for Warhammer 40k, Horus Heresy, and Kill Team.

A New Kroot Hunting Pack Army Set

New Kroot Hunting Pack Army Set

In the shadow-haunted realm of Warhammer 40k, the Kroot Hunting Pack Army Set roared into the spotlight. This epic release, a herald of the upcoming Codex: T’au Empire, brings forth new Krootox cavalry, menacing Shaper variants, and ferocious Carnivores.

This new addition promises to enhance the strategic gameplay with a range of dynamic miniatures, each bringing a unique element to the battlefield:

  1. War Shaper: A seasoned battlefield commander equipped with bladestave, prey-hook, dart-bow, and tri-blade.
  2. Flesh Shaper: Master of ritual butchery, guiding the Kroot’s carnivorous practices.
  3. Kroot Carnivores (20 Units): The backbone of the force, skilled in combat and marksmanship, featuring a new tanglebomb launcher.
  4. Krootox Riders: Gun-toting cavalry with repeater cannons and tanglecannons, revered for their strength and status.
  5. Krootox Rampagers: Juvenile Krootox used for ambushes and charges, each unit delivering powerful melee attacks.

New Solar Auxilia Battle Group

New Solar Auxilia Battle Group Box Reveal

For the acolytes of the Horus Heresy, the Solar Auxilia marched into view, their new plastic miniatures gleaming under the harsh lights of war.

These elite human soldiers, armed to the teeth, stand ready to show the Legio Astartes the true mettle of humanity. Their arrival marks a seismic shift in the galactic war, where every bolt shell counts and every warrior’s valor is tested.

This set is a perfect starting point for anyone looking to build a Solar Auxilia army, offering a balanced mix of infantry, armored tanks, and scouting support, compatible with the rules in the Liber Imperium army book.

Key components of the Solar Auxilia Battle Group include:

  1. Two 10-man Solar Auxilia Lasrifle Sections: These can be combined into a 20-man unit. Known for their durable void armor, these troopers demonstrate surprising resilience.
  2. Line Command Section: Led by an Auxilia Troop Master and supported by four Veterans, they manage battlefield communications and tactics.
  3. Dracosan Armoured Transport: A reliable vehicle that carries 20 troopers and is equipped with a double-barreled gravis lascannon, with options like a demolisher cannon, heavy flamer, heavy stubber, or multi-laser.
  4. Aethon Heavy Sentinel: This advanced recon vehicle comes with a heavy barrage-capable rocket system and options for multi-laser, autocannons, heavy incinerators, volkite culverins, lascannons, and melta-lances.
  5. Leman Russ Strike Tank: A versatile tank with options for a battle cannon, vanquisher cannon, gravis lascannon, or gravis Autocannon.
  6. Veletaris Storm Sections: Elite units equipped with volkite calivers and storm axes for close combat.
  7. Leman Russ Assault Tank: Featuring a demolisher cannon, volkite macro-saker, and executioner plasma cannon for various tactical needs.
  8. Malcador Heavy Tank: A fast and heavily armed tank, upgradeable with a range of weapons including lascannons, incinerators, multi-lasers, and a demolisher cannon.

More updates on Kill Team: Nightmare

Kill Team Nightmare Box Reveal

In the shadowy skirmishes of Kill Team: Nightmare, the air crackled with dark energy as the Nemesis Claw kill team was revealed, their blades thirsting for blood. But lurking in the darkness, the Mandrakes from Commorragh emerged, their sinister presence a chilling promise of the horrors that lie in wait.

Key Features of Kill Team: Nightmare:

  1. Two Complete Kill Teams:
    • Nemesis Claw Warband: Representing the Night Lords, these warriors are equipped with a new upgrade sprue featuring flayed skins, barbed hooks, and flensed skulls. They wield a variety of weapons such as a chainglaive, barbed talons, and toxin-dripping knives.
    • Drukhari Mandrakes: A new coven emerging from their shadow realm, they attack with ethereal fire and hooked blades, specializing in pain infliction and stealth attacks.
  2. Mandrake Shadeweaver: A standout operative in the Mandrake team, known for their ability to manipulate darkness, allowing them to create tunnels through reality and strike from the shadows.
  3. Generatorum Hub Terrain: A new, multi-level platform terrain piece, providing various defensive angles and adding strategic depth to the Bheta-Decima killzones.
  4. Nine New Missions: These missions are specifically designed to utilize the new terrain, offering fresh challenges and scenarios.
  5. Narrative Twists: Additional rules introduce unpredictable elements such as ocean currents, whirlpools, hypnotic waves, and oceanic predators, adding complexity to the gameplay.

Kill Team: Nightmare promises an immersive experience for players, combining intense battles, strategic terrain management, and the unpredictability of new rules, ensuring every mission is a unique and thrilling encounter.

Other Announcements from the Warhammer Preview:

  • ‘Warcry: Pyre and Flood’ revealed a haunting new chapter in Nagashizzar, where ethereal flames and river spirits clash in a dance of death.
  • ‘The Croneseer and Dawnbringers Book V’ continued the epic saga of the Twin-tailed Crusade, weaving a tale of mystery and dark magic.
  • ‘Callis and Toll’ burst onto the scene with new miniatures and a gripping Black Library novel, set against the backdrop of the Mortal Realms.
  • ‘Zondara’s Gravebreakers’ unveiled a love-fueled journey into necromancy, a tale of undead horrors seeking salvation in the depths of Ghur.

More info on the Warhammer Community website

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