New Index: Emperor’s Children Release Announced for Chaos Space Marines Armies

The Warhammer Community has announced the forthcoming release of the Index: Emperor's Children, which will provide updated datasheets for the Emperor's Children within the Chaos Space Marines armies.
The Emperor's Children Will get their own Index with the release of Codex Chaos Space Marines
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This release comes as part of an expansion that does not include certain characters, like Lucius the Eternal and Noise Marine squads, in the new Codex: Chaos Space Marines.

The Index: Emperor’s Children will be made available to players looking to maintain or integrate these characters into their armies using the latest units and detachments introduced in the main Codex.

It will feature rules and guides for assembling a dedicated Emperor’s Children army, including specific keywords to enhance battlefield coherence and effectiveness.

The Dark Pacts army rule will continue to be applicable, and players will need to assign the SLAANESH keyword to applicable units. Lucius the Eternal is designated to take on the role of WARLORD within these armies.

Lucius the Eternal, Warlord of the Emperor's Children Army
Lucius the Eternal, Warlord of the Emperor’s Children Army

The Index will be available for free download in our index collection page coinciding with the release of the new Codex: Chaos Space Marines.

This release aims to support fans of the Emperor’s Children, known for their distinctive pink armor and presence on the battlefield.

There is no confirmation of the exact release date of the Codex Chaos Space Marines at this time.

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  1. The Emperor’s Children deserve their own Codex, with the amount of love they got in the W40K literature it’s amazing they’re being treated like a second-hand CSM army!

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