Talisman: The Magical Quest Board Game Gets Revamped 5th Edition

After over 40 years of engaging tabletop gameplay, Games Workshop's classic Talisman board game is receiving a glorious new 5th edition overhaul from publisher Avalon Hill.
The Box of the 5th edition of the Talisman board game

The revamped Talisman: The Magical Quest Board Game retains the original’s beloved premise of 2-6 players competing as characters like Warriors, Wizards and Trolls to claim the powerful Crown of Command.

However, this new version brings a fresh artistic vision and streamlined rules to provide a more dynamic play experience in the 60-90 minute games. Among the refinements are improved gameplay surrounding the Elder Dragon and Crown of Command, plus accelerated character leveling.

Talisman the Board Game: Preview of the Board, Cards, Minis and Layout

“We’ve carefully modernized the mechanics while preserving everything that makes Talisman such a nostalgic favorite,” said Steve Mathers, lead developer on the project at Avalon Hill. “The brilliant new art coupled with quality-of-life updates will let fans revisit this magical realm refreshed.”

The 5th edition base game includes 12 classic characters, 100 Adventure cards, 24 spells, and all the iconic components like the colorful stat-tracking cones. It’s currently available for pre-order ahead of a July 1st release date.

The first expansion: Talisman Alliances: Fate Beckons

Enhancing the legacy gameplay right out of the gate is the first expansion Talisman Alliances: Fate Beckons, announced last weekend.

A unique twist, it introduces cooperative play for the first time, having players team up to overcome “Trials” by working together to bury Talismans, unseal portals, and defeat adversaries over a 5-game legacy format with evolving components.

For long-time fans and newcomers alike, this latest modernized edition of the renowned Talisman looks to recapture that magical adventuring spirit for a new generation of tabletop gamers.

About Talisman

“Talisman” is a classic fantasy adventure board game first published in 1983 by Games Workshop. Players take on roles such as wizards or warriors, aiming to reach the center of the board to claim the Crown of Command. The game is played on a board divided into three regions (Outer, Middle, and Inner), each presenting different challenges and encounters.

Key Features

  • Board: Divided into Outer, Middle, and Inner regions.
  • Characters: Each with unique abilities and stats.
  • Adventure Cards: Drawn during the game, leading to various encounters.
  • Spell Cards: Available to characters with magical abilities.
  • Talismans: Required to enter the Inner region.

Talisman Gameplay

Players move by rolling dice, drawing cards, and engaging in battles or events. The goal is to be the first to reach the Crown of Command. Success requires strategic movement, resource management, and timing.

Previous Editions and Expansions

  • Editions: Notable ones include the Second (1985), Third (1994), and Fourth (2008) editions.
  • Expansions: Add new characters, regions, and challenges (e.g., The Reaper, The Dungeon, The City, The Dragon).

“Talisman” remains a beloved game for its blend of role-playing and board game elements, offering a rich, varied, and epic adventure.


Is Talisman set in the Warhammer universe?

No, Talisman is not set in the Warhammer universe. It takes place in its own separate high fantasy realm and storyline unconnected to Games Workshop’s Warhammer settings.

Did Games Workshop create the original Talisman game?

Yes, the original Talisman board game was created and published by Games Workshop employees Robert Harris and John Perren in 1983.

Are there any crossover characters or elements between Talisman and Warhammer?

No, there are no crossover characters, locations, or other elements shared between the Talisman and Warhammer properties. They are completely separate fictional worlds.

Why did Games Workshop publish Talisman if it’s unrelated to Warhammer?

While Games Workshop is best known for Warhammer, they have published many other board games and product lines beyond that core brand over the decades, including the popular Talisman series.

Will the new 5th edition Talisman have any Warhammer tie-ins or content?

No, all indications are that the new 5th edition of Talisman from Avalon Hill will remain completely distinct from the Warhammer universe, just updating the classic Talisman gameplay and components.

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  1. Loved the game since it’s first edition, not very beginner friendly and you need at least 4 hours to finish one… 🙂

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