Warhammer Unveils Exclusive Miniatures for 2024’s Major Events

Warhammer fans, get ready! Exclusive miniatures 'The Hunter Strikes' and 'The Steel Rook' are coming your way, debuting at AdeptiCon in March and available at major events throughout 2024, offering you a unique opportunity to expand your collection with these special edition figures.
Warhammer Events Miniatures 2024
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In anticipation of the upcoming AdeptiCon in March, Warhammer has announced the release of two exclusive commemorative miniatures, “The Hunter Strikes” and “The Steel Rook”, set to debut at this year’s major Warhammer events.

These special edition figures are a nod to the brand’s tradition of celebrating its global events, offering attendees the first chance to acquire these unique collectibles.

For W40K Fans: The Hunter Strikes

“The Hunter Strikes” miniature features a dynamic representation of a Kroot Carnivore in mid-pounce, delivering a powerful strike with its rifle blade. This piece complements the recently announced Kroot Hunting Pack army set and is expected to be a highlight for collectors, marking 2024 as a significant year for Kroot enthusiasts.

Intricately designed, the Kroot figure boasts a range of detailed accessories, including a butchering knife, meathook, and various tools, enhancing its appeal as a collector’s item.

For Age of Sigmar Fans: The Steel Rook

On the other hand, “The Steel Rook”, stemming from the Age of Sigmar range, presents an armored Arch-Knight from the Freeguild Command Corps. This figure introduces a bird-themed option to the existing Arch-Knights, which previously featured bear and fish motifs. The Steel Rook, accompanied by a miniature rook, adds a distinctive flair to the collection.

These miniatures will debut at AdeptiCon, scheduled from March 20th to 24th in Schaumberg, Illinois, USA. Following this, they will be available at other major Warhammer events globally throughout the year, offering fans worldwide the opportunity to add these exclusive pieces to their collections.

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