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Codex: Necrons – 10th Edition

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Discover the secrets of the deathless Necron legions with the essential 136-page Codex: Necrons, brimming with extensive rules, inspiring artwork, and timeless lore. This comprehensive tome includes everything from Crusade and Combat Patrol rules to 47 detailed datasheets and five unique Detachments.
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Embark on a journey through time with the Necrons, an ancient race of alien androids who once reigned supreme over the galaxy. Having emerged from millions of years of self-imposed stasis, they now awaken from their tomb worlds, ready to assert their dominance once again. Encased in bodies of self-repairing living metal and wielding weaponry that channels the raw, destructive power of the cosmos, the Necrons represent an indomitable and harrowing force, devoid of fear, mercy, and soul.

Necrons imagined by A.I.

The Necron legions, a formidable expanse of mechanized might, are complemented by arcane war machines, agile constructs, and the fragmented essences of cosmic deities. Commanded by undying nobles, whose wills are as unbreakable as their metallic forms, they march forth united by an unshakeable belief in their divine right to rule the stars. Though eons of dormancy have left some Necrons scarred, their newfound insanity only serves to heighten their menace.

The Codex: Necrons stands as the definitive compendium for collectors and strategists seeking to deploy the awe-inspiring power of the Necron Phaeron across the tabletop. This tome is rich with the necessary rules for engaging in the diverse play modes of Warhammer 40,000, including narrative-driven Crusade campaigns and fast-paced Combat Patrol skirmishes. Beyond the battlefield tactics, the codex delves deep into the Necrons’ enigmatic past, their technologically miraculous culture, and the intricacies of their dynastic hierarchies, all illustrated with captivating artwork.

What’s inside the Necrons Codex

  • In-depth lore that delves into the Necrons’ awakening and their time-spanning history up to the hierarchy of their oppressive dynasties.
  • A visual feast of artwork, bringing to vivid life the undying Necron legions and their cryptic tomb worlds.
  • Comprehensive datasheets for all 47 Necron units, ranging from the common Necron Warriors to the formidable Imotekh the Stormlord.
  • Details on five Necron-specific Detachments, including the Annihilation Legion and Canoptek Court, complete with unique rulesets.
  • Crusade rules to gradually power up your dormant tomb world, unlocking new mechanical abilities.
  • Dedicated Combat Patrol rules and a painting guide to facilitate quick games featuring Amonhotekh’s Guard.
  • A showcase from the ‘Eavy Metal team, presenting exquisitely painted Citadel miniatures and a variety of Necron dynasty colors to inspire your own creations.
  • A single-use code to access Codex: Necrons content on the Warhammer 40,000: The App.

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