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Codex: Tyranids – 10th Edition

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This is the ultimate guide for every Tyranid enthusiast, offering a comprehensive set of Detachment rules, stunning miniature displays, and intriguing lore, replacing the previous Index.
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This book is a crucial resource for those keen on assembling a Tyranids collection and tapping into the might of the Hive Mind for tabletop battles.

Within this volume, you’ll discover comprehensive guidelines for fielding a Tyranids force in Warhammer 40,000, covering both Crusade and Combat Patrol regulations.

Additionally, it delves deep into their predatory tendencies, the variety of hive fleets, their chilling biotech, and historical as well as current invasions.

The compilation includes datasheets for 47 Tyranid units, six comprehensive Detachments with distinct abilities, rules, Enhancements, and Stratagems, along with fresh Crusade content.

For those looking to truly embrace the swarm, an exclusive luxury edition of the Codex will be up for grabs, adorned with a one-of-a-kind cover design, silver foil accents, and striking purple gilt-edged pages.

What’s inside the Tyranids Codex

Within this 120-page hardcover tome, you will discover:

  • Comprehensive lore delving into the mysterious beginnings and extraterrestrial essence of the Tyranids, encompassing their eerie biological makeup and the chronicles of the Tyrannic Wars.
  • Captivating illustrations that bring to life the terrifying diversity and grand scale of these continuously evolving alien hordes.
  • 47 Tyranid datasheets that provide insights into the characteristics, equipment, and distinctive skills of every Tyranids unit, ranging from the legion-like Termagants to the formidable Norn Emissary.
  • Six specialized Detachments tailored for Tyranids forces, including the Invasion Fleet and Crusher Stampede, each equipped with its distinct rule set.
  • Crusade guidelines that allow you to spread infestations and devour entire worlds in your storyline campaigns, as your legion indulges in its prey and evolves with fresh traits.
  • Standalone Combat Patrol regulations and a step-by-step painting tutorial, facilitating quick and engaging encounters with the Vardenghast Swarm.
  • An ‘Eavy Metal gallery exhibiting exquisitely painted Citadel figures to spark your creativity, presenting an array of Tyranid hive fleet color palettes.

Additionally, this volume includes a single-use code to access Codex: Tyranids content within the Warhammer 40,000: The App.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside:

Rulebook Preview

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