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Crusade: Pariah Nexus

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Immerse yourself in the enigmatic "Crusade: Pariah Nexus," a new chapter in the Warhammer 40,000 universe set in the silent expanse of the Nephilim Sector. Packed with new rules, missions, and strategic depth, this book will soon be available for pre-order, offering a journey into a realm of psychic mystery and warfare.
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The Silent King, alongside his Necron forces, has extended the reach of the Nephilim Anomaly, planting ominous noctilith pylons across numerous worlds. This expansion has led to entire systems disappearing under an anti-psychic veil, effectively isolating realspace from the warp. However, this aggressive expansion has faced resistance; an Imperial fleet, led by the resourceful Archmagos Cawl, has penetrated the heart of the Nephilim Anomaly. The question remains: Is their intent to dismantle the Necrons’ dark technology or to repurpose it for their own gain?

What’s inside the Crusade: Pariah Nexus Book

  • Showcase: Featuring Citadel miniatures painted by the ‘Eavy Metal team, depicting battles within the Nephilim sub-sector, complete with narrative details.
  • Crusade Rules: Guidelines for running a Crusade campaign, including tracking army development, Experience points, Requisitions, Battle Scars, and Honours.
  • The Nephilim War: Crusade rules for Pariah Nexus campaigns, offering Battle Traits, Relics, Agendas, and Blessings applicable to any faction, and rules for using Blackstone Fragments.
  • Missions: 15 Crusade missions for narrative play, including Dig Site Raid, overcoming Gheists in the Static, and Quantum Siege scenarios.

This book not only advances the narrative of the Nephilim War but also brings a rich array of strategic options for players looking to explore this unique and treacherous part of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

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