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Datasheet Cards: Adeptus Mechanicus 10th Edition

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Elevate your Warhammer 40,000 experience with these Adeptus Mechanicus datasheet cards, a perfect companion to your Codex. Command the cybernetic legions with precision and bring the Machine God's will to the tabletop!
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Join the ranks of the Adeptus Mechanicus, a formidable force in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, comprising Skitarii cyborg warriors, extraordinary war engines, and zealous devotees of the Omnissiah. Under the strategic command of their Tech-Priests, these units embark on sacred battles, blending ancient rites with cutting-edge technology.

Enhance your gameplay with this essential set of 35 cards designed to manage your Adeptus Mechanicus army with ease. Each card presents comprehensive datasheets for every unit, covering profiles, equipment, options, and unique abilities.

A handy reference card consolidates the distinctive army rules, and additional datasheet cards are specifically tailored for the swift battles of Combat Patrol encounters.

These cards are indispensable for tracking the complex mechanics and strategies of your forces as you lead them to victory. To fully utilize these cards, it’s essential to have the Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus at hand.

What’s inside the Datasheet Cards: Adeptus Mechanicus pack

  • x1 Army Rules Card
  • x30 Adeptus Mechanicus Datasheet Cards
  • x4 Combat Patrol Datasheet Cards

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