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Kill Team Annual 2023: Season of the Gallowdark

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Delve into a curated Kill Team experience designed for you: Explore comprehensive rules for 10 distinct teams from the Gallowdark season and Ashes of Faith. Navigate Gallowdark's killzone intricacies, set forth on Expedition campaigns, and immerse in an impressive lineup of 45 missions
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Experience the Gallowdark season like never before with the Kill Team Annual 2023. Tailored for enthusiasts like you, this all-in-one tome brings together every kill team, mission, and killzone from the Gallowdark cycle.

Dive deeper with the Inquisitorial Agent and Chaos Cult kill teams from Ashes of Faith. Embark on a thrilling expedition into the heart of a space hulk, enriched with diverse themed terrain rules and missions waiting for you to explore.

Here’s what’s inside the Kill Team Annual 2023: Season of the Gallowdark book

Unlock the full potential of your Kill Team experience with this 296-page softcover guide, crafted just for you:

  • 10 Detailed Kill Teams: Dive into comprehensive rules, including datacards, Strategic and Tactical Ploys, equipment, and Spec Ops rules for teams like:
    • Imperial Navy Breachers: Skilled voidfarers ready for close-quarters action.
    • Farstalker Kinbands: Strategic Kroot mercenaries with fierce animal companions.
    • Kasrkin: Elite Cadian commandos, armored and heavily armed.
    • … and many more, from Hierotek Circles to Chaos Cults.
  • Killzone: Gallowdark Terrain: Master the tactics for walls and hatches, plus Close Quarters rules for intense, tight-space combat.
  • Additional Killzones: Enhance your battles with terrain rules for four more zones: Into the Dark, Shadowvaults, Soulshackle, and Gallowfall.
  • Varied Missions: Engage in nine Critical Operations missions for balanced Gallowdark games and delve into 36 themed missions from four Shadow Operations packs.
  • Gallowdark Expedition Campaign: Seamlessly link your games, exploring and salvaging the mysteries of the space hulk.

To fully harness the content, ensure you have the Kill Team Core Book on hand.

Rulebook Preview

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