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Kill Team: Into the Dark (Book)

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Elevate your gameplay with 18 dynamic missions, experience intense Close Quarters combat, embark on Gallowdark Expeditions, and master the killzone rules set in the treacherous space hulk terrain.
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Emerging from millennia in the warp, the vast space hulk Gallowdark now looms in real space. This gargantuan derelict promises immense riches for the brave and peril for the unwary. A mercenary Farstalker Kinband from the alien Kroot race is among the first to venture in, seeking the best of the spoils.

However, their mission takes a turn as elite Imperial Navy Breachers invade the hulk. As these kill teams stalk each other through the maze-like passages, they soon discover that they aren’t the only threats lurking within…

What’s inside the Kill Team: Into the Dark Book

Dive into the Kill Team universe with this standalone 120-page paperback supplement, originally part of the Kill Team: Into the Dark boxed set:

  • Kill Teams: Comprehensive rules and backgrounds for the disciplined Imperial Navy Breacher and fierce Farstalker Kinband.
  • Game Tools: Equip with datacards (including customizable blanks), Tac Ops, Ploys, and a detailed equipment list.
  • Spec Ops Rules: Exclusive features like Rare Equipment and Battle Honours.
  • Gallowdark Lore: Delve into the intricate history of the Gallowdark space hulk.
  • Combat & Terrain: Master Close Quarters combat in space hulks and utilize full killzone rules for Gallowdark and Into the Dark terrains.
  • Campaign & Missions: Engage with the Gallowdark Expedition system for Spec Ops campaigns and 18 missions from both Shadow and Critical Operations Gallowdark Mission Packs.

Note: To fully utilize this supplement, the Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team Core Book is essential.

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