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Kill Team: Moroch (Book)

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Immerse yourself in the Kill Team universe, mastering the tactics and lore of Phobos and Blooded Teams. Navigate the intricate world of Moroch and elevate your gameplay with dynamic Sentry rules and nine versatile missions suitable for any faction.
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Step into the shoes of the embattled forces on Moroch, a devastated agri-world. As the Blooded’s Traitor Guard nearly topples the unsuspecting Imperial overseers, hope emerges with the arrival of the elite Phobos Strike Team.

Engage in a relentless hit-and-run campaign as Space Marine operatives, clashing with Chaos-worshipping renegades. In the ruins of Moroch’s frontier, you’ll be at the heart of a fierce battle, with both sides driven by a singular goal: the total annihilation of their adversaries.

What’s inside the Kill Team: Moroch book?

  • Kill Team Supplement: Standalone 96-page paperback, originally from the Kill Team: Moroch boxed set.
  • Blooded & Phobos Strike Teams: Comprehensive rules, backgrounds, and datacards (with customizable blanks).
  • Equipment & Spec Ops: Detailed equipment lists, Rare Equipment, and Battle Honours rules.
  • Sangua-Terra System & Moroch: In-depth lore guide to this intriguing system and frontier world.
  • Killzone: Moroch Terrain: Full rules for utilizing this specific terrain in your games.
  • Shadow Operations: Moroch Mission Pack: Nine adaptable missions for any Kill Team faction.

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