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Necromunda: Book of the Outcast

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Step away from conventional society and immerse yourself in the underbelly of Necromunda. This guide provides comprehensive rules for assembling Outcast Gangs from the Hive Scum. Engage in Outlander campaigns, construct settlements, and broaden your dominion.
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Even within the perilous grasp of Necromunda’s gangs, there exists a deeper abyss where the most forsaken find themselves.

These pariahs, shunned by the so-called ‘honorable’ inhabitants of the underhive, band together, driven by desperation, ambition, or the mere instinct for survival.

Dive deeper into your Necromunda adventures with an array of fresh rules designed to inject more diversity, depth, and thrill into your underhive confrontations.

This guide invites you to traverse the shadowy expanses of the hive city’s badzones, embark on quests to establish new settlements, and broaden your dominion in Outlands campaigns.

Additionally, discover and recruit all-new Dramatis Personae to bolster or even spearhead your Underhive Outcasts gang.

What’s inside the Necromunda: Book of the Outcast book?

Inside this 136-page guide, discover:

  • Outcasts of Necromunda:Comprehensive lore on outcast gangs and Insights into the badzones, Underhive Outcasts gang composition, and reasons for their allegiance.
  • Assembling the Outcasts: Rules for forming an outcasts gang for both skirmish and narrative Necromunda games. Guidelines on gang makeup, weaponry, gear, and crafting a unique Leader persona.
  • Hangers-On and Brutes: Rules for recruiting Hangers-on and Brutes in both game types.
  • Outlander Terrain: Terrain rules for creating Necromunda gang strongholds. Regulations for battles across Underhive Markets, Walls and Gates, Watchtowers, and Gunk Tanks.
  • Wyrd Powers: Introduces rules for Wyrd Powers and Force Weapons for gangs with Psykers. Features seven Wyrd Power disciplines: Biomancy, Chronomancy, Divination, Pyromancy, Technomancy, Telepathy, and Telekinesis.
  • Outlander Campaigns: Engage in a narrative campaign to develop a settlement, manage resources, and recover from underhive battles. Play as an Arbitrator ensuring campaign balance through three real-time phases: training, resource gathering, and recovery.
  • Outlander Scenarios: Six new outcast-themed scenarios with battle rules, victory rewards, experience, reputation, and special scenario regulations.
  • Showcase: A vibrant section highlighting miniatures, battle visuals, and alternative outcast color themes.
  • Outcasts Gang Tactics: Introduces eighteen new Gang Tactics. Features Lady Credo, Rebel Lord – a unique leader option for Underhive Outcasts.
  • Trading Post: Lists weapons, armor, and gear accessible to Underhive Outcasts gangs, emphasizing their reliance on scavenging and bartering.
  • Weapon Reference Chart: A detailed chart for all weapons and gear available to outcast gangs at the Trading Post.
  • Dramatis Personae: Rules for recruiting and utilizing three new Dramatis Personae in Necromunda games.

This is a Necromunda expansion. A copy of the Necromunda Rulebook is required to utilize this book’s content.

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