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Necromunda: Book of The Outlands

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Dive into the ash wastes with this comprehensive guide, from traversing rolling roads to navigating wasteland weather. Align with the resilient Ash Waste Nomads or the tenacious Ironhead Squat Prospectors. Plus, get equipped with vehicle rules and a tailored system to craft the perfect custom ride for your gang
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Venture beyond the suffocating hive cities of Necromunda into the vast ash wastes, a treacherous realm of unpredictable weather, deadly creatures, and high-speed gang skirmishes. Roar across this desolate landscape in powerful vehicles, clashing over valuable resources and territory.

Dive deep into this thrilling expansion, discovering the resilient Ash Waste Nomads and the formidable Ironhead Squat Prospectors. Equip yourself with a plethora of Hangers-on, Brutes, and Exotic Beasts.

Master the art of vehicular warfare with comprehensive driving rules, and unleash your creativity in the workshop, customizing your very own ride.

Experience dynamic battlefield conditions, engage in high-stakes rolling road battles, and employ unique gang tactics. Embrace the wild side of Necromunda and seize your destiny in the ash wastes!

What’s inside the Necromunda: Book of The Outlands book

Dive into this 144-page hardback book and discover:

  • Ash Waste Nomads: Dive deep into the lore of the enigmatic Ash Waste Nomads and access rules for forming a Nomad gang, complete with new wargear, tactics, and the Wastelands Skill Set.
  • Ironhead Squat Prospectors: Unearth the history of the abhuman Ironhead Squat Prospectors and get comprehensive rules to field a Prospector gang, featuring new wargear, tactics, and the Wisdom of the Ancients Skill Set.
  • Wasteland Gangs: Expand your gang with vehicles and bikes, recruit vehicle crews, and integrate new Hangers-on, Brutes, and native Exotic Beasts.
  • Wasteland Workshop: Craft and customize unique vehicles, from Outrider Quads to the Cargo-8 Ridgehauler land train.
  • Battles in the Ash Wastes: Generate dynamic battlefield conditions based on regions and seasons, and master the art of Rolling Roads combat.
  • Additional Rules: Access gang tactics for Ash Wastes Nomads, Ironhead Squat Prospectors, and Orlock Vehicle Gangs, along with the new Driving Skill Set.
  • Vehicle Rules: Navigate the comprehensive guide to using vehicles in Necromunda, detailing profiles, new actions, movement, impacts, crew, and more.
  • Weapon Reference Chart: Equip your gang with the latest weaponry from the Ash Wastes with this detailed chart.

This expansion requires the Necromunda Rulebook or the Necromunda: Ash Wastes Rulebook for gameplay.

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