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Necromunda: House of Iron

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Dive deep into the world of House Orlock with this comprehensive guide. Delve into the rich history and background of this industrious house. Equipped with all you need, dominate the underhive with an unyielding iron grip.
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Step into the gritty world of House Orlock! From humble beginnings as a coalition of Clan Families and waste prospectors, House Orlock has transformed into the planet’s premier mining powerhouse.

They’ve masterfully crafted an image of rugged rebels, fearless ash-riders, and tough-as-nails fighters. Behind this facade, the Orlock mining leaders have strategically developed a warrior class to champion their cause and maintain order.

Dive into this captivating 128-page guide, tailored for you! Unearth the rich history of House Orlock and master the rules for deploying its diverse fighters – from the strategic Road Captains and Road Sergeants to the formidable Arms Masters, Wreckers, Gunners, and the budding Greenhorns.

Whether you’re a House Orlock enthusiast or eager to explore the underhive’s shadowy corners, this book is your ticket to an adrenaline-packed adventure!

What’s inside the Necromunda: House of Iron book:

Within this guide, discover:

  • House Orlock History and Background:
    • A detailed exploration of House Orlock’s origins.
    • A segmented timeline tracing House Orlock’s evolution over four millennia.
  • House Orlock Gang List:
    • Comprehensive rules for assembling an Orlock Gang in Necromunda games.
  • Hangers-On and Brutes:
    • Guidelines for recruiting Hangers-on and Brutes, featuring Orlock-specific options.
  • Hired Guns:
    • Rules detailing the use of Bounty Hunters, House Agents, and Hive Scum.
  • Strong Alliances:
    • Instructions for forging ties with three Necromunda entities linked to House Orlock: the Guild of Coin, Outlawed Fallen Houses, and House Ran Lo – the Noble House supporting the House of Iron.
  • Additional Rules:
    • A plethora of new options for House Orlock gangs, encompassing Skills, Abilities, Orlock-specific terrain rules, and more.
  • Weapon Reference Chart:
    • An exhaustive chart listing all weaponry and gear accessible to House Orlock and its allies.
  • House Orlock Gang Tactics:
    • A D66 table featuring 18 novel Orlock Gang Tactics for scenario applications.
  • Dramatis Personae:
    • Rules for recruiting and integrating three new Dramatis Personae characters in Necromunda games.

This guide serves as a Necromunda expansion. To fully utilize its content, you’ll require either the Necromunda Rulebook or the Necromunda: Dark Uprising Rulebook.

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