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Necromunda: The Aranthian Succession – Cinderak Burning

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Dive into a 128-page hardback expansion for Necromunda, where you'll navigate the fierce civil war sparked by the monumental Great Rift. Enhance your gameplay with fresh vehicles, innovative gang tactics, and additional crew members for both House Escher and House Goliath.
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Step into the chaotic world of Necromunda, now engulfed in the shadowy aftermath of the Great Rift’s emergence. As the planet spirals into anarchy, House Helmawr’s fall from a single assassination creates a power void that threatens the entire planet’s fate.

Will you seize the moment and stake your claim in the Succession campaign? Fight for supremacy and etch your legacy!

Dive into this fresh narrative expansion, heralding a transformative chapter for Necromunda. Align with the pulse of the broader 41st Millennium, and immerse yourself in an enriched campaign, infused with novel rules that promise to elevate the thrill, diversity, and dynamism of your Necromunda confrontations.

What’s inside the Necromunda: The Aranthian Succession – Cinderak Burning book?

Delve into this 128-page hardback guide and discover:

  • The Great Darkness: A deep dive into Necromunda’s upheaval post the Great Rift’s emergence, highlighting the cooling of the hive city’s core heat sinks. Features a comprehensive timeline of the Age of Succession and a roster detailing Lord Helmawr’s offspring, both legitimate and otherwise.
  • The Succession Campaign: Engage in the inaugural series of interconnected campaigns, navigating the tumult of the Great Darkness and the budding rebellion against Lord Helmawr. Battles are waged not just for Territory but also to amass Sympathisers in the quest for legitimacy.
  • Narrative Scenarios: 12 immersive scenarios mirroring the events of the Great Darkness and the ensuing crisis, from hunting an elusive Assassin in the Spire to initiating a personal honor duel in the House of Pain.
  • Dramatis Personae: Introducing four new key figures: Lady Haera, Lord Helmawr’s 13th Daughter; Athera, Queen Adina’s esteemed champion; Gorshiv Hammerfist, the formidable leader of Shiv’s Crushers; and Vespa ‘Minx’ Merdena, the untamed offspring of Slate Merdena.
  • Escher and Goliath Rules: Enhance your Necromunda experience with added gameplay rules, featuring vehicle crews for Escher and Goliath gangs. Dive into the dynamics of two distinct vehicles: the nimble Escher Cutter and the formidable Goliath Mauler. Plus, explore new vehicle gang tactics tailored for both House Escher and House Goliath.

This is a Necromunda expansion. To fully utilize its contents, you’ll require the Necromunda: Ash Wastes Rulebook or a combination of the Necromunda Core Rules and the Book of the Outlands supplement.

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