Sons of Horus MKIV Tactical Squad – Set of 4 Action Figures

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Tactical Squads, vital for the Great Crusade, featured Legionaries with bolters and sergeants in MKIV ‘Maximus’ armour, crucial during the Horus Heresy. JOYTOY's 12 cm Sons of Horus MKIV figures offer detailed, articulated representations of these Warhammer 40K warriors, ideal for collectors and fans.
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Discover the Sons of Horus MKIV Tactical Squad from JOYTOY, a set of 4 action figures each standing at 12.0 cm (4.7 inches).

With articulated joints for various dynamic poses, these figures capture the essence of Warhammer 40K’s legendary warriors.

Ideal for collectors and fans, they bring the strategic might of the Sons of Horus to your display, offering a perfect blend of detail and versatility for recreating iconic scenes or enhancing your collection.

Sons of Horus MKIV Tactical Squad in Warhammer 40K

Tactical Squads are the essential core of the Space Marine Legions, critical to the Great Crusade’s objective of reconquering the galaxy.

These units are formed of Legionaries wielding devastating bolters, under the leadership of experienced Tactical sergeants equipped with enhanced wargear.

They were key to the success of many pivotal battles throughout the Horus Heresy. Despite the introduction of more advanced versions of Space Marine power armour, the Sons of Horus largely continued to favor the MKIV ‘Maximus’ armour for its superior durability, a quality vital for withstanding the opposition of those faithful to the Warmaster.

What’s in JOYTOY’s Sons of Horus MKIV Tactical Squad Action Figure Box Set?

  • 1 x Sergeant with Power Fist
  • 1 x Legionary with Legion Vexilla
  • 1 x Legionary with Flamer
  • 1 x Legionary with Bolter
  • 7 x Extra Pairs of Hands
  • 4 x Power Pack
  • 4 x Sword
  • 4 x Bolt Pistol

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