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MKIV Tactical Squad

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Step onto the battlefield with troops adorned in the revered MKIV 'Maximus Armour,' a symbol of agility and resilience. You can form the heart of your Legiones Astartes army with this kit by choosing between two 10-man units or one mighty 20-man unit.
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Tactical Squads stand as the backbone of the Space Marine Legions, embodying exceptional versatility as infantry units capable of engaging, defending, assaulting fortified positions, securing strategic objectives, and annihilating the enemy in diverse terrains and scenarios. Across all 18 Legions, Tactical Squads serve in various capacities, and it’s through the collective power of these superhuman warriors armed with deadly bolters and armored for the harshest of battlefields that the Imperium has forged its path across the galaxy during the Great Crusade.

The Mark IV ‘Maximus Armour,’ a pinnacle of technological advancement reclaimed during the Great Crusade, offers an exquisite balance of agility and durability. Its lightweight design, armored external cabling, and redesigned helm have made it a cherished choice among the Legiones Astartes. In the Age of Darkness, Mark IV stands as the most prevalent pattern of power armor, gracing battlefields throughout the galaxy.

This multipart plastic kit empowers you to assemble 20 Space Marine Legionaries, ready for action in Warhammer: The Horus Heresy. They can be fielded as a formidable Legion Tactical Squad of 20 models or split into two units of 10. Each Legionary is armed with a Tigrus-pattern bolter and bolt pistol, with the flexibility to be equipped with extra gear like combat knives, grenades, pouches, and the option for two Legionaries to carry a back-mounted Legion vexilla. For those leading the charge, the kit provides accessories and alternate heads to create a Legion Tactical Sergeant for each squad. These leaders have an array of weapon choices, including plasma pistols, chainswords, power swords, power fists, lightning claws, melta bombs, and combi-weapons with three configurations (flamer, melta, or plasma).

Also available in this box:

What’s in the MKIV Tactical Squad box

  • x344 plastic components that make 20 Space Marine Legionaries.
  • x20 Citadel 32mm Round Bases.
  • x1 Legiones Astartes Infantry Transfer Sheet.

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